Découverte en famille des casellesDécouverte en famille des caselles
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The joy of travellingour beautiful paths

Escape on our trails

What if you left to crisscross the winding roads of the valleys of the Lot and the Célé, between rivers and rock faces? Or seek the coolness of the undergrowth, by a lake in the Ségala ? Amateur of quiet walks, climbing specialists or slow randonneurs, we are waiting for you on the paths lined with dry stone walls of the Causses du Quercy, on the hollow paths of the Ségala or on the banks of the Lot and Célé rivers. Contemplate, dream!


in family

In Grand-Figeac, you will find trails adapted to the youngest for the pleasure of an experience in full nature with family. We suggest you discover fun and easy trails, dotted with fascinating discoveries! A pond and yellow-bellied toads, a magical trail with incredible cliffs and troglodyte houses, another bucolic one to discover all the heritage of the Causses. All you have to do is put on your shoes and take your equipment to go on the adventure!


on the heights

Come and try out short or long circuits that will take you to see breathtaking views! Travel through the Célé valley, you will find incredible biodiversity, charming villages and panoramas that will make you want to stay perched at the very top. Follow the trails of the Ségalato get a whiff of the mountain, which is close by, and plunge into verdant landscapes that disconnect you from the everyday. Go beyond the clouds, in the Lot Valley, before visiting Capdenac-le-Haut, classified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France.

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Three great loops of great hikes cross the landscapes of Grand-Figeac. Roaming, this incredible experience, will make you discover sunrises and sunsets with blazing colors. You will cross an extremely rich biodiversity, be attentive, maybe you will meet a deer on your way, before arriving in the heart of picturesque villages. To leave to walk for several days is a total immersion in the heart of our destination, warm human encounters and a total disconnection!”


On the way

on the road to Santiago

The Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle pilgrimage will take you to discover, via the GR®65, the trails from Livinhac-le-Haut, in Aveyron, to Cajarc. Two sections of trail are listed as World Heritage by Unesco: Montredon-Figeac and Faycelles-Cajarc. Mainly on the Quercy, you will discover many medieval villages, the wonderful Lot Valley and its ochre cliffs and artistic curiosities like Super-Cayrou. From Figeac, you can also follow one of the variants: the Célé Valley (GR®651) or the Rocamadour Way (GR®6).

Heat up

your calves

Doing atrail on the paths, going downhill on a Mountain Bike, crisscrossing the roads and trails on Gravel: a captivating playground for all sportsmen, amateurs or specialists! Here you fill your lungs with fresh air, cross a remarkable biodiversity, and reach breathtaking viewpoints. So put on your sneakers, take your water bottles or your camelbak and go on an adventure!
Many events are organized in Grand-Figeac: this year, find the Velotoise and the French Orienteering Championship.