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By mountain bike on the trailsof Grand-Figeac

Mountain biking on the trails

The beauty and diversity of the landscapes of theGrand-Figeac can also be discovered on Mountain Bike, gravel and electric bikes. On the marked routes, from the vast limestone plateaus of the Causses du Quercy to the marked ridges of the Ségala through the winding valleys of the Lot and the Célé, get ready to discover incredible views! On a gentle, family or sporty walk, the choice is yours!

With every pedal stroke,

an alchemy of landscapes

Grand-Figeac is a huge playground for Mountain Bike riding. Its landscape features offer both circuits that are rather technical and are aimed at experienced mountain bikers, while others that are easier will delight families and children. Trails monotraces, stony, balcony, descents exhilarating, the paths are diverse. From the quiet stroll to the committed and technical hike, you’ll crisscross circuits in remarkable natural areas.

Take these circuits on the ground with the mobile app Lot & Dordogne Circuits.


with a monitor

It’s a guarantee that you’ll pedal well supervised and in the best conditions. Straddle your bike, the guide-accompaniers take care of everything. They adapt to your desires and your level.

Expert Sport Nature : Armelle and Sébastien, both passionate about nature sports and thrills supervise your outings.

Kalapca offers you an active discovery of the Causses du Quercy by mountain bike.

Ideas for outings

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For the experienced, the sporty, try these two circuits starting from the Domaine du Surgié in Figeac:

And for the more courageous, here’s an experience to be had: go adventuring and roaming for a bike tour of the Lot.

Practical information

Practical advice

Prioritize routes near where you’re staying to reduce your carbon footprint. Or choose public transportation, carpool with the people you ride with!

Take the trails and paths intended for mountain biking and leave the natural areas without apparent tracks. You’ll avoid damaging the terrain and limit soil erosion.

Be discreet for the welfare of wildlife. Animals get used to regular passes on a specific route, but noisy groups and off-roading create a lot of stress.

Be careful not to leave any trace behind you. You can even take a trash bag with you to pick up any trash you find along the way. Thank you for the nature!



The electric-assisted mountain bike will allow you to climb the steepest slopes or pedal longer without getting too tired… Enough to introduce you to mountain biking gently, just for the pleasure of oxygenating yourself and enjoying the landscapes. Our mountain bike rental companies offer you various formulas.

Happy riding!