Randonnée à Espédaillac, dans le Lot, sur les causses du Quercy, Géoparc Mondial Unesco
©Sentier de la brebis à espedaillac|Jérôme Morel - Les éditions de la Cévenne
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Top 3 family hikes

There’s nothing like a walk in the fresh air to let off steam with the kids, discover the joys of being in nature and share a mini-adventure with the family. Easy, fun, here are our top 3 hikes to do as a family to build up the calves of young and old!


The Sheep's Path

This 4 km trail takes us to the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Causses du Quercy, a Unesco World Geopark, to discover the famous black-spectacled ewe, the Caussenarde, and its environment. The path reveals to us, at each step, how the breeding of the ewe has shaped the landscapes of the Causse by concealing real treasures: dry grasslands, murets, caselles, gariottes, lakes of Saint-Namphaise. Children will love this walk punctuated with interpretation panels to read the landscape!


The Clay Trail

The yellow-bellied toad, the star of the trail, takes us on the trail of the clays. This former industrial site, once occupied by the Puy-Blanc mechanical tile factory, has given way to a interpretation trail. Punctuated with educational panels, it reveals a diversity of natural environments consisting of a wetland, a wood and two ponds bordered by reed beds. A 2.3 km walk to discover species, some of which are protected!


The Way of Pierre-Levée

A superb 3.9 km loop for our little backpackers! The trail lined with low dry stone walls travels through the Causse. The children will love to discover the caselles, a dolmen and enter a small cave-stable. At the end of the route, the panoramas on the ochre cliffs of the Célé valley and the old Sauliac are exceptional. We cross the old village with houses on the cliffside, a classified site Natura 2000. This place of protection concerns the swallows, numerous to nest here, but even more the bats.

Our tips for

a top-notch hike

I'm getting equipped

Even if it’s not a 20 km hike, good shoes will help you have a better time! No blisters, no pain and even less risk of injury… But don’t buy your shoes the day before, they must have time to fit your feet.

I show respect

These trails will take you on a journey of discovery of the flora and fauna that is so special to our region. So that you are not the only ones to enjoy them, and so that all hikers are on the same level, we ask you to respect the paths on which you walk, but also the works, animals and plants that you will come across along the way.

The marker is my friend

To avoid getting lost, for those with a poor sense of direction, or to know who you might run into on your way, watch for and respect the markings. Look for the yellow marks on the trees that indicate you are on the trail, and stay there for your safety.