A fabulouslandscape palette

Along the roads and paths

In the heart of Grand-Figeac, all roads and paths lead to discovery. We stroll on our hiking trails, we walk on the paths of Santiago de Compostela, we sneak on our small tracks with twists and turns, in short, we open ourselves to adventure! We set out to explore our landscapes on foot, by bike, on horseback, by car, by motor home: the Ségala with its chestnut forests, its green valleys with panoramic views, the Limargue and its bocages, the Causses du Quercy where the pebbles grow and the valleys of the Lot and Célé. Here, the roads and paths are listened to and experienced with the certainty of discovering an exceptional rural and natural heritage!


our country roads

As you travel our small country roads, the miles will turn into memories. You’ll be dazzled by villages sometimes perched on a hill, sometimes nestled against the rock, or lodged between rivers and cliffs in the valleys of the Lotand the Célé. As you set course for the winding, hilly roads of the Ségala, the toit du Lot will reveal fabulous panoramas!