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Roaming betweenCausses and Valleys

Hiking over several days

Go on an adventure on the paths and wilderness trails of Grand Figeac: on foot, mountain bike or even horseback! Here are three loops of great hikes that cross the landscapes of Grand-Figeac! An experience to be had alone, in pairs or with the family, to feel alive in the middle of a preserved nature.

The 100km of Quercy

between Causses and valleys

Between the majestic Lot River and the secret Célé Valley with its ocre cliffs, set off for 6 to 7 days of hiking.
You will be able to live a unique experience, discovering typical villages (Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie, Marcilhac, Sauliac up to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie), a remarkable fauna and flora, a precious local heritage (caselles, gariottes, dry-stone walling).
Amélie & Benjamin, a duo of adventurers and passionate photographers, have tested for you this loop. Read the article on their travel blog Hellolaroux !

The Tour du Lot

Ready for the big loop?

The Tour du Lot promises 400 km of discovery. The Saint-Céré – Figeac section is 94 km: you will cross the Ségala to discover a hilly landscape, a land of streams, hedgerows, forests and undergrowth.
After Figeac, on the stretch to Lalbenque (82 km), the landscapes change: here it is the Causse with its low walls and little heritage made of dry stone. Maybe you will have the chance to meet the famous spectacled sheep, the Caussenardes! The Tour du Lot can be done on foot (about 21 days), by mountain bike (about 7 days) or on horseback (between 15 and 20 days).

Sleeping under the stars in Super-cayrou

The Tour du Lot takes you to the heart of the Causses du Quercy.
When passing through Gréalou, take the time to deviate a bit from the path to discover Super-Cayou, a work of art-refuge.

Super Cayrou au crépuscule
©Panorama à 360° depuis le Super Cayrou

Discovering Super-Cayrou is already incredible, spending the night there even more so! Experience this unique experience of sleeping in the heart of a protected park. Contemplate the stars and the Milky Way that will dazzle you with their beauty.

Designed by artist-architects from the Encore-Heureux collective and Pieter Dijkstra upon an invitation from Derrière Le Hublot and the Parc naturel régional des Causses du Quercy, Unesco World Geopark.

The loop of Saint-Jacques

Walk on 124km

Walk along stone-lined paths along the river, hike on small quiet roads, pass through medieval villages, enjoy landscapes between cliffs, Causses and rivers. Starting from Cajarc, you will take the Via Podensis, the GR®65, the historic route of the Way of Saint James. You will then set out to discover the Viaia du Célé variants, the GR®651 and the GR® 36-46. Count on 6 to 7 days of walking. You can also start the loop from Figeac (11.5 km more, Figeac to Béduer).

Good practices


  • Prepare your journey and equip yourself according to the distance and time of year (hat, sunscreen, good shoes).
  • Take a map, phone, and supplies (water and snacks) with you.
  • If you are going on your own, remember to let loved ones know about your adventure.


  • I don’t stray from the paths and stay away from wildlife.
  • I pay attention to the fauna and flora, the risk of fire.
  • I organize myself to bring back my waste.
  • I respect the regulations in force, I avoid cutting flowers, camping anywhere.