Randonnée au dessus de Cajarc
©Vue causse et vallée Lot|L. Berton
Follow the meandersof the river

Grandiose Lot Valley

The Lot, river with calm waters, traces a course considered one of the most beautiful in France. The landscape is rhythmic: remarkable panoramas, meanders and cliffs carry you away in a whirlwind of nature. From Capdenac-Le-Haut to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, passing through the villages of Cajarc and Faycelles and the chateaux of Larroque-Toirac and Montbrun, explore this rich valley where heritage, nature sports and local delicacies are mixed together!

The fabulous story

of water

The river has long been the commercial link of the department. Some gabares transported wood, wine or the famous spice that made the fame of Cajarc until the eighteenth century: the safran du Quercy. Today it is a quiet river. It traces a navigable course of 75 km considered one of the most beautiful in France, upstream and downstream of Grand-Figeac.

At the turn of


Capdenac-le-Haut is one of the pmost beautiful villages in France. This ancient Gallo-Roman fortress overlooks a meander of the Lot Valley, you will see Capdenac-Gare below. Visit the museum within the square donjon dating from the 14th century, find the curious Gallo-Roman fountain and rest in the Garden of the Five Senses.

View on the valley

from Faycelles

Perched on the cliff, this village formed in the 12th century dominates the Lot valley. Visit and discover its heritage in a playful way with the key course. You will fall under the spell of the play of light and shadow of themedieval alleys and be impressed by the imposing church. You’ll probably come across pilgrims, since Faycelles is on a stretch listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco of the GR65Compostela Trail. And if you’re addicted to the full nature, take the hiking paths to reach the viewpoints and skim the cliffs around the village.

Dive into history

of Larroque-Toirac

Clinging to the hill, majestically overlooking the Lot valley, the enigmatic building promises an unusual visit for the whole family. The caves located in the cliff behind the castle house the remains of an ancient troglodytic habitat: enough to arouse the curiosity and awaken the imagination of everyone. You will notice the incredible pigeon house at the entrance of the village, worthy of a fairy tale!



This small village, coiled in a cirque of cliffs along the river, hides a beautiful historic center of quaint houses. To meet the warmth of the place, take a tour of the market on Saturday afternoons and then have a drink in the heart of the village. The water body and the 2.5 kms navigable allow for water-skiing, jet skiing, paddle boarding or even canoeing and fishing. Thepeaceful banks of the Lot appeal to families for easy and pleasant walks. The Maison des Arts Georges et Claude Pompidou punctuates your cultural visit to the village. And if you’re here in July, take part in the Festival Africajarc to discover the richness of African culture!


His escapade in the Lot valley