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A museumin the open air

Old stones and beautiful villages of the Causse

From the villages to the typical rural architecture, from the small heritage that adorns the landscapes: caselles, gariottes, dovecotes, murets… Witnesses of the past, they shape the image and identity of the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park – Unesco World Geopark. Let’s go and discover these sites, in the kingdom of the dry stone !


A bucolic interlude

in Espédaillac

Lovers of nature, trees and heritage, Espédaillac has everything to please! In the heart of the Parc Régional des Causses du Quercy, a Unesco World Geopark, this village promises a rejuvenating time with your family! Organized around its caussanel, a community pasture typical of the Causses villages, the village is a concentrate of dry stones with its beautiful cosy houses, its huts, its wells-caselles, its cayrous, its enclosures of low walls and its dolmens! Espédaillac is also a real paradise for hike with your family.


Land of megaliths

Centered around its market hall and foirail, Livernon is full of treasures to discover. In the heart of the village, the four-story Romanesque bell tower enhances the curve of the church. It is around the village that are located two unavoidable megaliths of the Lot :

  • Element of burial dating back to 3200-2000 years BC.C, the dolmen of the Pierre Martine is, with its 22 tons and 7 meters long, the monumental dolmen of the Quercy.
  • The menhir of Bélinac as for him, from the top of its 3 meters 35, is the largest of the Lot.

The postcard of the village is undoubtedly the caselle de Lacam whose silhouette is reflected in the lake of Saint-Namphaise. A site full of charm. And if you like thrills, you can finish with a plane ride at the aerodrome!

Starred Village


Escapade in the heart of the Black Triangle of Quercy, in a starry village, built around its washhouse and Romanesque church with an apse-refuge, in Reilhac. On the astronomy side, the village has a star gazing equipped. On the nature side, an original walk, the Water Trail takes us on a tour of lacs, washhouses and ox-shoeing work.
On the gourmet side, Delphine and Eric welcome us every evening to the Ferme Vigne Haute for a free visit to the goat farm, with active participation in milking followed by a visit to the maturing cellars: Rocamadour, goat tomme.

The lakes

of Saint-Namphaise

On the edge of the mythical forest of the Braunhe, Quissac bears the legend of the hermit Saint-Namphaise. Traditional accounts report that in the eighth century an influential man at the court of the Carolingians, Saint Namphaise, who became a hermit in Quissac, is said to have dug all of these small pools. This valiant hermit is known on the Quercy to be the patron saint of bergers and troupes.