Landscape From Segala To Terrou © Lot Tourisme C. Novello 160606 095739Landscape From Segala To Terrou © Lot Tourisme C. Novello 160606 095739
©Landscape From Segala To Terrou © Lot Tourisme C. Novello 160606 095739|Lot Tourisme C. Novello
Look uptowards the horizon

Top 5 viewpoint hikes

Today the weather is nice and you feel like hiking to get a breath of fresh air! We propose 5 hikes in Lot valley, Célé valley and Ségala that will reveal to you all the diversity of the landscapes and heritage of our destination. Let’s go!

The circuit of the city of


This short 3.4km hike takes you around one of the most beautiful villages in France, Capdenac-Le-Haut. You will have the chance to admire an exceptional panorama over the Lot valley that encircles the medieval city born in the 19th century. A former place of Celtic and then Roman exchanges, the rocky point on which the village is drawn was transformed, in the Middle Ages, into a citadel. From the ramparts, you have views of the Aveyron and the town of Capdenac-Gare. Take time to visit the village, its medieval streets, its remarkable donjon.

The path of the Pierre-levée


Right in the heart of the Célé valley, this 3.9km family hike, in particular, takes you through the old historic village of Sauliac-sur-Célé. But before crossing the old village, the walk takes you up through typical Causses du Quercy vegetation. Almost all along the way, you walk between the stone mooringsdry handmade. At the bend in the path, the dolmen of the Pierre-Levée, here a caselle, over there a stone shed. It’s on the way back down to the valley that, without warning, you arrive at the highlight of the show, a splendid view of Vieux Sauliac and the meander of the Célé. The few buildings on the cliffside impress, the château de Géniez dominates near the river. There are still a few hundred meters on the old road to cross the ancestral village populated by about 90 inhabitants in 1836. You then go back down to the actual village, close to the river: how about dipping your feet in?

The cliff path


In the beautiful Célé Valley, this 5.1km hike is sure to please both young and old. From the village of Brengues, you climb up to join a path that runs along the cliff. Pass under a fortified gate and then under “le château des Anglais“. It’s just a step to imagine yourself in the Middle Ages, even if the presence of the English in this fortification is not historically attested. Regardless, the splendid 180-degree view of the valley represented a strategic retreat in case of threat. After skirting the cliff, a small loop leads you onto the plateau between pretty dry-stone walls. On the same path as the first one, the return to the village still offers you this superb panorama which cannot leave you indifferent.

The viewpoints circuit


Head to the segala for a magnificent 9.2km loop. This amazing walk reveals many panoramas on the heights of Terrou and Saint- Médard-Nicourby. Nestled in a typical Segala landscape, Terrou occupies the hollow of a set of hills typical of local landscapes, which suggests the proximity to the Massif Central. Chestnut woods and wild streams ensure summer coolness. This hike takes you up the hillside through forests, fields and meadows. In spring, you have green landscapes with multicolored flowers. In autumn, the flamboyant trees, ranging from yellow to red, are bewitching.

The Prajoux circuit


Starting in the village, this sporty 12km hike quickly gains height as it winds its way up the path to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. Turn around to admire the magnificent view of Cajarc and the Lot Valley. After a few kilometers, you leave this rocky path to gently descend into a discreet and wild combe, the combe de Girons. As close as possible to the nature, continue on your way and pass under the “Roc Trauquat” (rock with a hole). Several caselles scattered about are a reminder of the importance of sheep pastoralism in the area. Finally, reach the edge of the cliff and a final viewpoint, before heading back down to Cajarc to conclude this very nice loop of about 4 hours of walking.

Our tips for

a top-notch hike

I'm getting equipped

Even if it’s not a 20 km hike, take good shoes to have a better time! No more blisters, no more pain, especially test your shoes beforehand so that they have time to get used to your feet.

I show respect

These trails will take you to discover a fragile fauna and flora. To help preserve it, please respect the paths you walk on, but also the works, animals and plants you will meet along the way.

The marker is my friend

Look for the yellow marks on the trees that indicate you are on the trail, and stay there for your safety. Even if the starry skies are incredible in Grand-Figeac, the best thing is to make it back on time!