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Wildand alive

Authentic Segala

A corner with mushrooms and randos, in the Ségala, the values are strong and the traditions well anchored. Separated from the Causses by the Limargue, the Ségala, with its forests of chestnut trees, beech trees and fir trees, its proximity to the mountains of the Cantal, takes you to an atmosphere that is both wild and relaxing. We climb there in summer to find coolness, in spring or in autumn for its blazing colors.


and nature

The region takes its name from rye, a cereal that was mainly cultivated on the soil of Segala. The chestnut trees, walnut trees and hazelnut trees illuminate the scenery and awaken our taste buds. Meadows and culture fields shape the terrain whose relief varies from 400 to 783 meters. The inhabitants, full of life, like to share and pass on their traditions. On the leisure side, you can take a bath at the lake of Tolerme, hike in the wild forests, fish in the winding streams… The Segala is the destination coup de coeur for lovers of nature!

Hikes and


If in the autumn there is a chance to cross paths with mushroom pickers, the Ségala is all year round an ideal place to stretch your legs! For the more athletic or with the family, the Ségala will delight lovers of walking on foot and mountain biking! These landscapes, very different from the rest of the territory, are reminiscent of those of the lower mountains. The perspectives are wider, the streams active even in the middle of summer, bring a bit of freshness and romanticism to your walk!

The interpretation circuit of the

Roc de France

This wetland is ideal for observing the fauna and flora locally. Spring remains the best season to discover this mosaic of wetlands. An interpretation path, with footbridges and wooden benches, has been set up and allows you to see remarkable species of the Bervezou basin areas. A great idea for a family outing!

The Marot House

in Sénaillac-Latronquière

In the heart of Haut-Ségala, the Maison Marot reveals the history of an exceptionally well-preserved farmhouse from the early eighteenth century. It bears witness to the way of life of the inhabitants through almost three centuries since its construction, thanks to all the objects that have been preserved. It is also the story of a team of enthusiastic volunteers and 25 heirs who decided to donate the house to their association, Visages du Ségala. In 2019, La Maison Marot and the association were laureates of the Mission Stéphane Bern managed by the Fondation du Patrimoine, for its restoration-conservation project and its ambition to make it a place of memory and exchange on local culture.


so magical

If you are lucky enough to come spend a few days in the Segala, thesunsets will dazzle you with warm colors before revealing a preserved starry sky. For a true back-to-basics experience, this destination is ideal for a successful slow vacation!


His escapade in the Ségala