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A fabulous paletteof landscape to discover

On the way to the Causses du Quercy

This territory offers you a remarkable natural, cultural and landscape heritage. Composed of typical villages, this lively and warm area offers an exceptional setting for your escapades. In 1999, it obtained the Parc Naturel Régional label and in May 2017, it was labeled Unesco World Geopark. The Lot department has three main causses, bounded by the valleys of the Lot and Célé and the Limargue to the north: the causse of Gramat, the causse of Saint-Chels, the causse of Limogne – Lalbenque.

Natural Park

Of stones and water

The aspect so particular to the Park comes from the perpetual action of water, yet well hidden on the Causse, which gives rise to cliffs, sinkholes, dry combes, lapiés, as well as a multitude of grottos and gouffres, the best known of which is the Gouffre de Padirac. The Valley of the Lot and the Célé give relief to the limestone plateaus of the Causse and bring a rich biodiversity. It is an incredible but fragile sensitive space where Man and nature blend harmoniously. Numerous hikes allow you to discover all the curiosities of this geopark, its remarkable built heritage, its amazing nature.

A shaped landscape

by nature and man

Beyond the designs that nature forms on these lands, it is nevertheless the works of man that are the most identifying.

  • Ornamented grottoes
  • Dolmens
  • Oppida and Gallo-Roman roads

  • Castles of the English
  • Mines of phosphates
  • Dry-stone walls: one of the most beautiful examples runs along the road between Figeac and the A20 highway, on the D802 departmental road.

  • Cazelles and gariottes: dry stone huts in turn granary and protection for shepherds.

The fauna and flora

The diversity of natural environments, dry or wet, favors the abundance of species, flora and fauna:

  • Some dry grasslands resulting from the very old deforestation and shaped by sheep grazing: our Caussenard ewes are going to charm you with their big black eyes!
  • Wild orchidae with incredible colors for the pleasure of the eyes.
  • The Ocellated Lizard and the Odicnème criard rub shoulders with the Pipit rousseline and the Fauvette Orphée, be attentive!
  • The Peregrine Falcon, Great Horned Owl, Rock Swallow… listen carefully, day and night nature sings!”

The ear on the alert

The head

In the stars

Another exceptional asset of the Nature Park is to be able to observe the purest night sky in France: the Black Triangle of Quercy.
This is one of the rare territories in France where the nights are still very much preserved from the “light pollution” of the cities.
This is an opportunity to appreciate the beauties of the celestial vault. So, to your glasses and good contemplation!


His escapade in the Causses