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In the heartgreen valleys

Rich lands of Limargue

Between the arid and stony Causse de Gramat and the green Ségala, the Limargue reveals itself. A narrow strip of land that rarely exceeds 10 kilometers in width, the Limargue is characterized by its soils of limestone, marl, soft clay and sometimes sandstone. Today it is a fertile land that seems to hesitate between the dry plateaus of the Causses and the chestnut woods of the Segala. The opulence of its medieval villages coexists with its landscapes of agricultural fields, rounded hills, and open dales.

Take a stroll

on the paths

Numerous hiking trails are available to discover the Limargue region. You can then take the time to admire the natural meadows delimited by living hedges, to climb on the wooded slopes dominated by pedunculate oaks, to see the beginning of the chestnut forests that announce the transition with the Segala. A 100% nourishing moment!

Focus on


Dominated by towers with a thousand stories, Cardaillac, classified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, will charm you with its beautiful medieval arches, its garden and its large towers. The key tour will take you up to the top of the tour des Sagnes and reveal an incredible viewpoint at the LimargueSégala border. If you want to know all the secrets of the local traditions of yesteryear, the Exploded Museumis an original experience to have. Worth a visit with your family!

A land

of heritage

An important stop on one of the variants of the Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle route, Lacapelle-Marival is overlooked by a chateau that is a classified historical monument. Enjoy a guided tour or discover the village on your own with the key tour. If you go further south, you will have the chance to discover the village of Assier with its castle, its church, two jewels of the Renaissance linked to their sponsor: Jacques, called Galiot de Genouillac. Further north, the Château d’Aynac, a 15th-century building with a central keep and medieval towers, stands out on a stroll.



Figeac is the best-known town in the Limargue, a remarkable medieval city not to be missed during your stay! But other sights promise to immerse you in magical places steeped in history, with breathtaking views! Take a moment to visit the charming village of Fons, on your own with the town hall tour or on a guided tour in the summer. Admire the Lot Valley at Faycelles, taking one of the hiking trails that will please young and old alike!


its escapade in the Limargue