Un père et son fils explorent les ruelles de Figeac
©Ouvrir l’œil en explorant Figeac|Malika Turin
Let's go for a walkin cities and villages

The key circuits

Thanks to this collection of discovery tours, explore at your own pace the narrow streets and secret places of the towns and villages of our Pays d’Art et d’Histoire : Figeac, Vallées du Lot et du Célé. Take the time to observe the sculpted facades of the medieval houses, the landscapes. You will learn more about the past, the forgotten characters…


at your own pace

30 keys to guide you, 26 monuments to spot!

Let yourself be guided through 1200 years of history. Between remarkable monuments and sumptuous residences, explore at your own pace the historical heart miraculously preserved of Figeac! From squares to alleys, the key tour takes you on a journey of discovery of the rich medieval houses, the Gothic palaces, the great monuments of the city and the cultural riches of Figeac’s museums. This discovery booklet is available at the Tourist Office for 30 cents.

Are you visiting with children? Then they will be happy to fully participate in exploring the city, discovering the riddles in the Guide-jeux Les Clés des Enfants.


Discover the villages

in autonomy

The Village Keys trails reveal the fascinating history of the villages, the architecture of remarkable buildings. A fun way to discover with your family!

  • At Assier, follow in the footsteps of Lord Galiot de Genouillac, grand master gunner under François I
  • At Cajarc, explore the medieval past of this town dear to Pompidou and Sagan, coiled in a cirque of cliffs on the banks of the Lot
  • From the rocky spur of Capdenac-le-Haut, classified as one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, overlook the Lot valley to better immerse yourself in the rich ancient and medieval past of this fortified site
  • Step into the heart of the incredible industrial epic of Capdenac-Garewhere river, railroads and businesses mingle with a 19th and 20th century urban landscape.
These villages

with exciting stories

  • Classified among The Most Beautiful Villages of France, at the gates of the Segala, Cardaillac reveals its fortified towers from the top of its rocky spur.
  • Like a sentinel overlooking the Lot valley, Faycelles offers an amazing landscape where the village blends into the cliffs.
  • A Lacapelle-Marival, the town with great architectural quality reveals its imposing 15th century castle, its market hall and its Gothic church.
  • In a setting of golden cliffs, Marcilhac-sur-Célé unveils its ancient Benedictine abbey, a jewel with 1001 stories.
  • On the Causse plateau, thread your way through the narrow streets of the astonishing village of Thémines, at the gates of a karstic land where streams get lost.
Our practical advice

The keys of the villages

The leaflet

Amap inside the document allows you to orient yourself and, in each issue, a presentation of the monument, site, historical or natural heritage. Download or print the routes or stop by our various reception offices to pick up the route that interests you!

The Petits Poucets pebbles

These walks are ideal for discovering our villages as a family in a playful way. On the back of the flyers, children will love answering the enigmas.

In digital version

Thanks to the Circuits Lot et Dordogne digital app available on Play Store or Apple Store, let our cell phone guide us through a selection of circuits including: a map layout, illustrated content, interactive games, discovery sheets.