Vue drone de CardaillacVue drone de Cardaillac
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A paradisefor history lovers

Cardaillac, the village with three towers

Perched on its rocky spur, in the heart of a green landscape, Cardaillac displays its fortified silhouette. At the gates of Figeac in the Lot, this medieval village offers us, from one of its three seigniorial towers, an unobstructed view of the forests of Ségala and the surrounding countryside. Crossed by the GR6 which allows Pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela to reach Figeac at the Rocamadour sanctuary, Cardaillac is classified as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France“. From the fort, the seigniorial district, to the Mercadiol, the religious district, let’s go through these places, witnesses of the village’s history.

One family, three neighborhoods

Four Towers

The village owes its name to a powerful family that ruled in the Quercy from the 13th century: the Cardaillac family. Divided into six branches, it established itself in several villages of the region and kept Cardaillac asa symbolic fiefdom until the Revolution.

In the Middle Ages, the village was composed of two districts. On its spur, the bourg castral constituted an important fortified complex, while part of the village extended beyond the enclosure. Nearby, a priory stood in place of the present parish church.

The village had as many as four towers representing the seigneurial power of each branch of the Cardaillac family. Today, only two square towers out of four remain: thetour de l’Horloge and the tour de Sagnes. The fortifications still adorn the landscape.


What to see in Cardaillac ?

The must-haves

Let’s explore the city of medieval houses and picturesque alleys:

The The Keys of Cardaillac invites us to explore the village. It even contains riddles for children.

Unusual and exciting

The Shattered Museum

The Musée Éclaté plunges us into the 19th century, into the daily life of the past. And it is in the company of Annie Mage, a passionate and exciting woman, that we are told about life in the last century. We stroll through the village to discover seven sites. From the old school, to the house of the semalier, through the saboterie or the prune oven, get ready to travel back in time.

A panoramic view from the top

of the tower of Sagnes

The best way to appreciate the architecture of the village is to climb to the top of theSagnes tower! Defense tower of the thirteenth century, it includes two rooms superimposed. After defying the spiral staircase, a panoramic view is offered to us! At our feet, the noble quarter with its houses of knights and aristocracy!

A bucolic break

In the Medieval Garden

This little haven of peace is in itself a concentrate of atypical plants: medicinal and dye plants from the Middle Ages, and also so-called “witches’ plants” to which magical power was attributed! The potager offers a range of plants grown for the preparation of meals at the time: fine vegetables for making soups, aromatic plants, and condiments to accommodate meats. Right next door,the landscaped play area will delight children.