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Getawayin timeless villages

Corn and Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie

From Figeac, let’s take the road along the Célé towards Marcilhac-Sur-Célé. The valley undulates along the river and gradually begins to embrace the wild, golden landscapes of the Causses du Quercy. After the ancient Saint-Martin chapel ofCamboulit and the village of Boussac, the river winds its way through two villages with discreet charm: Corn and Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie. These two villages are also located on the GR®651, one of the variants of the famous GR®65, the route from Le Puy to Santiago de Compostela.


and its fountain washhouse

At the edge of the water and at the foot of the cliff, the village of Corn charms us with its discretion. In its heart, a resurgence, whose stream emerged as if by magic from a grotto, feeds a washhouse and crisscrosses the village in a delightful rustle. Above these crystalline waters, let’s look up to see the first high cliffs. A totally soothing natural moment.
We stroll through the wisteria-lined streets. Below, under the bridge with flowery banks, wooden tables invite us to a picnic break among the trees. On each slope, the castles of Goudou and Roquefort remind us of the seigniorial conflicts of the Medieval period.


and its priory

After strolling through Corn, let’s drive along the D41 towards Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie. At the foot of the river, in a remarkable green setting, let’s cross the bridge. The village is a postcard setting with its beautifully preserved 13th-century priory, the priory of Notre-Dame du-Val-Paradis. Founded in the 12th century, this former Augustinian monastery has long been home to religious women. The church’s belfry tower, a stunning square turret of wooden half-timbering topped with a pyramidal roof of lauzes, is exceptional!

In the middle of the village, a wooden statue depicting a peeler with his drone reminds us that the village is a stop on the GR®651.

Want to go hiking?

Get your sneakers on!

In Corn, the hike Around the Water takes us to discover the Cournillou fountain and the Cavarrot mill. In Espagnac, the Priory Walk follows the river towards the Source Bleue before climbing the Causse, where panoramic views of the Célé Valley open up.

Nature discovery


On the left bank of the Célé, just outside Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie, a small path with enveloping moss tunnels takes us to the porch of a cave that houses the source Bleue or the source du Bual. Its name comes from the turquoise color of its waters during flooding. Particularly active in winter and spring, this spring comes from a resurgence, fed by an underground lake, through a siphon.


Nearby, clinging to the falaise, the Château des Anglais in Brengues seems suspended between heaven and earth. With its golden hues, it merges with the rock like a trompe-l’oeil. After making the climb up the hillside and passing through the fortified gate in the cliff, one admires this fortification. Used until the wars of religion in the 16th century, it was the property of lords to assert their power and served as an entrenchment for the population in case of attack.
Further on, the cornice path allows us to appreciate superb views over the Célé valley including an exceptional panorama over the village of Espagnac.