Escalier du calvaire à Figeac
©Malika Turin
30 keysto explore the city

The keys of Figeac

Discover Figeac at your own pace by following our discovery tour, Keys to Figeac. With the help of 30 numbered keys, this illustrated map shows you a complete itinerary to wander around and discover Figeac at your own pace. Step by step, a fascinating history, a city with a noble and captivating architecture will reveal itself to you.

26 monuments to locate

The discovery tour is:

  • 30 keys represented by directional signs that show you the way
  • 26 described monuments that can be located thanks to their address and that address all facets of Figeac’s architecture
  • photos illustrating certain monuments emblematic
  • approximately 1.5 hours of walking
  • a stroll at your rhythm
  • some enigmas for children

This paper document is available for 30 cents at the Tourist Office or in digital version, downloadable free of charge from Play Store or Apple Store Circuits du Lot et Dordogne.

The children's keys

Today, you will visit the city of Figeac in a playful way! You will find, on your parents’ document, the circuit that you are going to follow. On some stops of the route, you will have to answer enigmas, so pay close attention! Inside the document, surprises await you: colors and a poster that you can display in your room. We even give you the crayons! So, are you coming to play with us?

Hotel Galiot de Genouillac

Galiot de Génouillac close to François 1erGaliot De Génouillac
©Portrait of Galiot De Génouillac
Small charade...

My first is the opposite of small; my second is a line of shrubs against a field; my third is for eating soup; my all is a title carried by Galiot de Genouillac between 1525 and 1546, which made him one of the most important lords of France.

ɹǝʎnɔƎ puɐɹ⅁: ǝsuodǝɹ ɐꞀ

Instructions for use


  • The panels adorned with keys at the start of the Tourist Office serve as landmarks and show you the way. The keys are all numbered.
  • The location of the key appears on the city map you are holding. The signs are either mixed in with the city signage or isolated. Along this sublime route, remarkable buildings are to be spotted. They are illustrated by photos.


  • To get the paper version of the brochure, go to the Figeac Tourist Office, located on Place Vival.


Continue your discovery of Figeac with a guided tour, general or thematic, with our guide-lecturers. They know the city in its every nook and cranny and all the details of its history.

  • Let your children experience the workshops for 7-14 year olds, fun activities that will allow them to discover Figeac’s heritage while playing
  • The collection du circuit des clés exists in many other towns and villages: Assier, Cajarc, Capdenac-Gare, Capdenac-le-Haut, Cardaillac, Faycelles, Lacapelle-Marival, Marcilhac-Sur-Célé, Thémines.
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