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Pearlof the Renaissance


Between Figeac and Rocamadour, escape to Assier! In the heart of the Causses du Quercy and at the foot of the Limargue, this surprising village in the Lot preserves two jewels of the Renaissance: the castle and its church, decorated with an exceptional sculpted frieze! A mill, stables and a dovecote are added to this former large seigneurial estate. Its history is intimately linked to Galiot de Genouillac, a powerful character of the kingdom of France, companion in arms of Francois I, who ordered the reconstruction of his estate in the style of the Renaissance upon his return from Italy.



Galiot de Genouillac

and the castle of Assier

Built between 1518 and 1535 in the style of the new pleasure castles, the Château d’Assier is the pride of Jacques dit Galiot de Genouillac, a great figure of the French nobility during the Renaissance. A career military man, he played a decisive role in the Italian campaigns led by François I. Relying on the artillery, which was still new and little mastered, he contributed to the famous victory of Marignan in 1515. This success brought him the coveted title of Grand Écuyer de France.

The castle presents a return to the rules of ancient architecture while retaining a French-style castle plan: a quadrilateral of high dwellings flanked by round towers. Inside the castle, the volumes are intact, however the painted decorations are gone. The castle was adorned with superb reception rooms, whose ceilings have disappeared, which gives them a “cathedral effect”. On the 1st floor, one can admire a superb staircase, a carved pillar of great beauty, the treasure of the castle. A loggia balcony dominates the courtyard, a very poignant set that testifies to what was the life of the Renaissance lords.

A village

marked by the Renaissance

Go at your own pace to discover the architectural treasures of the village marked by theRenaissance and the imprint of its lord with the The Keys of Assier tour.

  • The Church of St. Peter with princely dimensions, and its unique historicized frieze illustrating on 75 sculpted panels, the life and conquests of Galiot de Genouillac, as well as the chapel of his tomb, covered with a vault unique in France
  • The securys of the castle transformed into dwelling houses
  • The barn of Bargues, former dwelling of Squire Murat de Montaï
  • The water mill below the castle gardens
  • The pigeon loft, one of the most monumental in all of Quercy

The village is also home to a superb market hall built in 1884.

The motto of the lord

Galiot de Génouillac close to François 1erGaliot De Génouillac
©Portrait of Galiot De Génouillac

I love fortune


Galiot de Genouillac

What if you went for a walk?



Go for a walk on pedal, bike or TT to discover the sublime landscapes of the Causses du Quercy, marked by dry-stone constructions: low walls, caselles, dolmens, in the heart of oak forests, boxwood trails… Superb!

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Enjoy a gourmet break during your visit at the Assiérois restaurant.


Regular alleys, a fortified church, a bucolic urban landscape, take advantage of your getaway in Assier to visit Rudelle, an authentic and unique bastide of Grand-Figeac. The village is 10 minutes away from Assier in the direction of Gramat.

On the line that separates the limestone Causse and the Limargueclay, the waters of the ruisseau de l’Ouysse go to slip into the losses of Thémines: this chasm is the starting point of an immense classified underground network. In addition to this, there are other curiosities such as the hall dating from the 14th century as well as a rich local heritage: caselles, dry stone walls, fountains…. A pittoresque place to discover in the direction of Rocamadour!