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Incredible viewon the Causses

Caving between Causses and valleys – EN

In the Grand-Figeac, you’ll find an ideal playground for speleology. The Causses du Quercy, crossed by the valleys of the Lot and Célé, are dotted with grottos and galeries. The region’s limestone massif has allowed water to seep through for millennia, creating a immense underground network. The Lot and Grand Figeac represent one of Europe’s best spots to explore. So, are you ready for adventure?

Journey to the center

of the Earth

The 1300 caves referenced in the department represent a real “gruyère”, making it possible to adapt to all levels of practice, from family strolls in horizontal galleries, to underground diving reserved for the most seasoned. Caverns, gouffres, concretions, vasques, cascades… Discover a fascinating setting and enjoy a timeless atmosphere. Climb the rock, thread your way through the galleries, abseil down… so many experiences where conviviality, team spirit and sensations are all part of the adventure!


at every step

Descending into the bowels of the earth plunges you into an incredible universe. Choose a so-called “horizontal” discovery route to discover speleology easily, with a guide. Take time to observe the beauty of the place. Cavities, stalactites, stalagmites, draperies and raw rock will amaze you. For the more observant, maybe you’ll spot some bats! The more sporty can try out the so-called “vertical” or river outings, which are far more technical, with abseiling and exploration of more secret caves. A fun and original activity, caving lets you discover another facet of our beautiful destination! A year-round activityfor ages 6 and up, a guide will accompany you to provide the necessary equipment and ensure a safe underground stroll.

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