Open your eyes,observe and protect

A preserved nature

Here we like to walk along quiet paths, dip our feet in acool river, count the flowers in the field, listen to the concert of birds…. We have this chance, to live surrounded by apreserved nature, where pollution is low, the biodiversity rich and the inhabitants committed to take care of all these riches.


a treasure to protect

Approximately 30% of the territory of Grand-Figeac is located in the Unesco Causses du Quercy Regional Geopark, a region of very rich and remarkably well preserved fauna and flora. In spring, marvel at the orchidae that grace the causse, In summer, watch kingfishers make quick dives into a cool river. In winter, listen to the nightly song of the owl… Open all your senses and find your place in the nature!

Sensitive Natural Area,

The circuit of the caselles

Between Célé Valley and Causses du Quercy, around Marcilhac-sur-Célé winds one of the region’s most emblematic hiking paths. The walk is part of the Espaces Naturels Sensibles (ENS) circuits: remarkable but fragile ecological reservoirs that benefit from a community management program. Follow the paths lined with dry stone walls and discover many caselles, these small dry stone constructions built by shepherds in the 18th and 19th centuries. Representative of the “small” rural heritage, they are now protected. This short easy hike, is an incredible condensation of the natural and heritage wealth present in the Grand-Figeac! So will you give it a try?

Light up the stars

and admire

You are in the Black Triangle, a zone where light pollution is extremely low. This dark night is an increasingly rare species, as artificial light invades our nights and disrupts ecosystems. For insects, streetlights are formidable traps. The migratory birds, which locate themselves thanks to the stars, are disturbed the light is too strong. And we humans sleep less and deprive ourselves of the view of the Milky Way. So many good reasons to turn off public lighting part of the night, limit the lamps outside, change to low-impact lighting.

In the Park ofCausses du Quercy, several villages are committed to preserving the night. Since May 2021, The PNRCQ is classified as a “Territory of starry towns and villages“, 39 communes proudly display the small sign marked “Starry Village”.

When the night falls on the Causses, look up to the sky: it could be that the stars are more numerous here than anywhere else!