La voûte céleste, nuit étoilée dans le Triangle Noir des Causses du Quercy
©Observation du ciel|Fred Passerin
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Observe the sky of the Black Triangle

Understand the place of the planet Earth in the Universe and go to discover the stars that surround us; the astronomy is always a source of knowledge and wonder. Look up at the sky and admire the astras of our galaxy. From the crescent Moon to the shooting stars via the Moon Way, the quality of the sky of the Causses transports you on an extraordinary journey to the heart of the black triangle of Quercy!

The meaning

of the observation

Throughout the year, observation evenings of the celestial vault are offered to the general public. Amateur astronomers, associations or actors of nature protection share their passion for astronomy, without any prior knowledge. Intergenerational activity par excellence, observing the sky is a fascinating interlude, which can be practiced with the naked eye or with the help of a telescope.

Watching under the night sky can also be an opportunity to listen to nature, a storytelling journey, or an intimate concert. So head to the calendar to find your next evening of nighttime immersion, where the real and the imaginary come together for the delight of the eyes and the mind.

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The "black triangle

of Quercy

This area located in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Causses du Quercy is one of the most favorable regions in France for sky observation (outside of the mountains), particularly thanks to the low population density. Even if this classification of best sky in metropolitan France has since been questioned, many communes have been labeled “starry villages” thanks to their actions for the preservation of the night sky; in particular the extinction of public lighting in the second part of the night.

This limitation of light pollution is beneficial for the observation of the stars, but also for the nightly biodiversity. Butterflies, amphibians, bats, owls… Many nocturnal species in the territory can have their activity disrupted if light pollution is too strong. This ecosystem is fragile and requires special attention. To better understand it, evening animations are regularly proposed by various actors, in order to observe and listen to this world of the night in all discretion.

It’s high time to turn the stars back on.

Guillaume Apollinaire - Tiresias's Mammary

Respecting nature


  • When observing (the sky or nature), Use a red light
  • Turn off outdoor lights
  • Avoid multiple small solar lights
  • Install near your home insect or batmice


  • Download an app (such as Stellarium) to learn how to recognize stars and constellations