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©Halles le samedi matin à Figeac|Jérôme Morel - Les Editions de la Cévenne
The best way to immerse yourselfof our flavors!

Appreciate the colors of the market

Here, markets are a tradition! Warm, varied and colorful, the weekly fairs and markets of Grand-Figeac enliven the heart of our towns and villages. True places for sharing and meeting, they honor the terroir, crafts and know-how.

In the heart of traditions

The market of Figeac

On Saturday mornings, Figeac wakes up with a colorful market! A true institution, it is the must-attend event for lovers of good products from the Lot. Smelly, lively, generous, this market immerses us in a local atmosphere typical of the southwest!

Under the hall, Place Carnot, Place Vival, Place Champollion, the stalls with colorful umbrellas reveal exceptional products. We stroll according to the producers, the colors and the tempting smells: cabécous, goat’s cheese, ewe’s cheese, Rocamadour, freshly picked fruits and vegetables of the season, mushrooms, ceps, chanterelles, melons of Quercy, farm lamb, traditional charcuterie, farcous, walnuts, safran du Quercy, fouace, pastis, pompe à huile, wines of Cahors.

And during the summer, a piece of history comes to life in Figeac. Mathieu Mazeuric, the market crier, announces the appointments of the week and delivers historical anecdotes by adding a personal touch.

At the end of the morning, the baskets well filled, everyone meets around a glass, a coffee, place Champollion. The terrasses are full of life!

In the vicinity

Weekly markets

Here, markets are sacred! In Assier, Bagnac-Sur-Célé, Cajarc, Capdenac-Gare, Lacapelle-Marival, Latronquière, the traditional markets are the meeting place of the village inhabitants. An art of living for the locals, all generations combined! Whether they take place under a hall or in the open air, the market is the time for exchanges and conviviality. You can meet local producers, merchants, and fairground vendors, always with the pleasure of being together. We salivate in front of these fresh and healthy products, which have taste.

And if you test

A night market?

In a friendly and festive atmosphere, we are given the opportunity to concoct our own meal from local producers: Ségala beef, truffade, aligot, sausage, wild boar on the spit, cheeses fromRocamadour, tome from Carayac, Cahors wine

Sit down around large tables to enjoy the musical atmosphere and chat with your neighbors, à la bonne franquette. Dinner and enjoy a beautiful summer evening with music, it’s a good program for the vacations no?

The last word

As you can see, here we love to cook and eat well. So we come there early in the morning, basket in hand, to buy gourmet specialties. In the heart of the aisles, the multicolored stalls are full of local products with mouthwatering smells. It’s a chance to chat directly with the producers and sample the specialties.