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Gourmet specialties

You arrive in the land of flavors, where taste buds are constantly on alert, where each season promises its surprises with good local products from our passionate producers. Rather sweet? Rather salty? There’s everything from vegetables to fruits, meat, cheese, sweet treats, and even spices!
What will be your favorite local specialty?

Some products



This delicate spice is born from a purple-blue flower from which the deep red of the stigmas stand out. It is by hand picking the stigmas from these flowers and then drying them that this precious spice is obtained. It takes 200,000 flowers to obtain 1 kg of dry saffron. Saffron is grown in autumn and a festival is held every year in its honor in Cajarc! A true treasure of our destination, saffron is the red gold of Quercy !


The Lot remains one of the leading French departments producing truffles with a production of about 3 tons per year. The black Quercy truffle, a noble variety among the noble ones, is collected in winter from December to March on the truffle grounds. This one is mysterious and is picked like a treasure priceless. The formation of the truffle in the soil remains a mystery… Take the time to go to the truffle marketof Capdenac-Le-Haut to taste this delicate mushroom.


good food


1st labeled lamb in France, the Farm Lamb from Quercy is the product of a terroir, the Causses du Quercy, a breed Caussenarde from the Lot and a know-how. The meat has a fine and tender taste that stays in the mouth. We enjoy all its variations!

The duck

In foie gras, in duck breast or smoked, the duck is an inescapable specialty that we love to eat in any season! Duck is part of the gastronomic traditions of the Southwest and the producers, committed and passionate, make you discover authentic products!

The cheese

You are bound to know the Rocamadour AOC, that little round cabécou that we enjoy at home or on the gourmet markets! But other specialties are to be discovered, sheep, goat, but also cow cheese are waiting for you at the producers or on all the markets of the Grand-Figeac!”


in the plate


Hand-grown by small producers in Quercy, this melon is the fruit of special attention. You will find it on all our markets in season. Its tender and sweet flesh will delight you as a starter or dessert. This melon has benefited since 2004 from a IGP, Protected Geographical Indication, a sign of quality in Europe.


The recipe for this delicious cake has been kept secret for centuries. Round and flaky, it consists of thin layers of crisp, caramelized pastry layered with apple strips macerated in armagnac. It is served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A truesavoir incredibly good!”


Cold or dry, in the shell or in kernels, the nut will delight your palate. The walnut is also walnut cake, walnut oil and walnut water. This traditional Quercy aperitif, a dark brown, full-bodied green walnut liqueur is extracted from crushed walnuts and walnut leaves macerated in brandy, sugar and red wine.


even on vacation!

I buy local products

To really get to know a region, eat locally and shop at markets or with local producers. You support employment and the local economy while discovering real quality products!

I choose seasonal products

The Grand-Figeac is full of specialties from spring to winter, so let yourself be tempted by the flavors of the moment for more intensity in your tastings!

I prefer bulk

A large shopping bag or a nice basket will be enough to carry your groceries, forget about paper bags that go to the trash, take reusable containers and enjoy having a basket full of colors and flavors!