Night guided tour of FigeacNight guided tour of Figeac
©Night guided tour of Figeac|Marc Allenbach
Between wonderand contemplation

Night tours – EN

At nightfall, when the lights come on in the towns and villages of Grand-Figeac, the architecture is transformed, revealing new details and mysteries.

Whether admiring the play of light and shadow on building facades, listening to the spellbinding tales of our guides, storytellers and actors, or being surprised by unsuspected architectural details, the nighttime guided tours promise a moment of sharing, surprise and reverie, which will remain engraved in your memories.


Night strolls

In July and August, our guides, passionate about history and culture, will let you feel the vibrant history of Figeac, plunged into half-light and lit with flambeaux.

Two alternating themes on Wednesdays and Fridays:

  • Figeac in the Middle Ages: What if, at night, Figeac became a Medieval town again? Carried along by the guide’s narration, you’ll enter into the life of the bourgeois of the century of Saint Louis.
  • Figeac in the time of Louis XIV : A little leap in history to discover at night the life of Figeac at the time when Louis XIV was King of France, continuing the time until the eve of the Revolution. From streets to squares, Figeac in the 17th and 18th centuries will come to life again thanks to our guide’s narration.
Our Most Beautiful Villages

of France

The told night tours reveal the charm of our villages in a unique atmosphere, where history mingles with imagination, between secrets and legends.

Capdenac-Le-Haut: Overlooking the Lot valley, this ancient Gallo-Roman oppidum, reveals its secrets and its bimillennial history! In the company of our guide and actress, Hélène Poussin, this place full of dreams will take on an unexpected face.

Cardaillac: At the gateway to Ségala, the medieval fort tells you its rich history, linked to a great family of lords. For one evening, the medieval fort will become a place of imagination thanks to the tales of Clément Bouscarel.

Espagnac and Cajarc

with Michel Galaret

Two captivating tours between the Lot and Célé valleys!

Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie: The prieuré Notre Dame de val Paradisis one of the major monuments of the vallée du Célé, in a site marked by beauty and harmony. From houses to gardens, our guide lecturer and storyteller Michel Galaret offer you a tour in two voices.

Cajarc: Set off on the rives of the Lot, between cliff cirque and river. This seductive city, with its captivating charm, will serve as the setting for delightful tales like so many invitations to travel.

3 artists

to awaken the imagination

Clément Bouscarel

This “storyteller and raconteur de pays” passes on tales and stories from his roots. In his language, French is mingled with Occitan words, the better to make the territory heard.

Hélène Poussin

This text-loving actress will make literature the starting point of your visit. Her experience of reading aloud will add a special dimension to your stroll.

Michel Galaret

His tales go beyond the borders of Quercy to take us to the horizons of dreams and travel. The universal meets the local, and familiar places awaken new images.

Fons and Latronquière

under a starry sky

On one side, the landscapes of Limargue, on the other, those of Ségala…

Fons: The village was very prosperous in the Middle Ages. Between Romanesque church and merchants’ houses, the poetic and nocturnal discovery of the site will be enriched by literary texts read by actress Hélène Poussin.

Latronquière: The capital of Haut-Ségala is a place steeped in history and memory. Places of meeting and exchange, traces of medieval origins, testimonies of 20th-century modernity: it’s a journey full of contrasts that you’ll be offered.