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The delicious cheesesof the Ferme de la Hulotte

Pretty farm of the Causse

The summer sun illuminates the green landscapes, a cat approaches slowly, then two, then three… A few curious goats bleat as if to say “hello”, the smell of the pastures embalms the pure air of the Causses du Quercy… You taste a piece of organic cheese, your taste buds crave for more! Welcome to La ferme de la Hulotte, Fromagerie La Gayrie!


with nature

Here, we do with nature and not against nature! “.

With her big smile, Nathalie Masbou transports us to the heart of her profession, where nature is respected in order to succeed in making the best of it. With the cat purring on her lap, she explains, with great sincerity, her love of goats and her strong commitment to a environmentally friendly world. “The land of the Causse is hostile, you have to listen, observe and feel nature to be able to succeed in producing good cheese.” One of the biggest challenges of La Ferme de La Hulotte was to succeed in raising, and feeding in self-sufficiency, a herd of a hundred goats on a small area of 70 hectares. Today, Nathalie and Laurent master the entire cheese making, from grazing to selling: we can say that it is a real success!


loved and cherished...

The Alpine goat is a sensitive animal to parasites and heat, “it has no natural immunity.” So Nathalie and Laurent Masbou had to be innovative to preserve the health of their animals. Dynamic rotating pastures with varied flora (Capflore INRA) as well as a solar drying system in the barn were implemented. The goats change meadows daily and also go into the cool undergrowth. Cows and horses come to graze in the meadows to sanitize the surfaces. A real strategy has been thought out to succeed in having goats in excellent health that produce quality milk. Climate change requires constant adaptation.” Nature is in charge!

Tell us about it


Your favorite moment:The spontaneous smile of a holidaymaker who discovers our cheeses.”
Your best memory:“Managing to take care of a goat, its affection, its recognition, it’s very moving.”
What you like best about the Lot:“Its authenticity: The Lot, it’s deserved!”


Let’s talk about CHEESE… LABELLED ORGANIC SINCE 2011 !

In the beginning, there was only the Ferme de le Hulotte. In 2017, Nathalie and Laurent took over the Fromagerie La Gayrie. For the latter, they collect sheep and cow milk that they process. La Ferme de la Hulotte offersfour goat cheeses including the famous AOC Rocamadour, gold medalist at an international competition in 2019. The La Gayrie cheese factory brings together 4 ewe’s milk cheeses and 3 cow’s milk cheeses. All are bloomy-rind lactic cheeses: a treat!

Practical information


  • Free outdoor tour, in autonomy, come and admire the paths lined with low walls and meet the goats!
  • 6 enthusiasts work at the Farm: Nathalie, Laurent, Loic, Lucas, Sebastien and Adeline.
  • To see the design of the Rocamadour AOC, It’s over here!
  • Find the cheeses in many points of sale: Cajarc, Figeac, Marcilhac-sur-Célé, Brengues, Gréalou, Cardaillac, but also in some local restaurants and gites!

This family farm has everything to seduce you, and once you taste the cheeses, you will be more than conquered!