Le village et l'abbaye de Marcilhac-sur-CéléLe village et l'abbaye
©Le village et l'abbaye|Christophe Bouthé - Agence Vent d'Autan
These villages that have a historyto tell us

Secret villages in the Célé valley

A preserved medieval village where heritage rhymes with charm, a priory and an abbey that have marked history… Between carved cliffs and wild landscapes of the Causses du Quercy, the Célé valley reveals villages in complete authenticity. Charming, seductive, secret or preserved, from Corn to Sauliac-Sur-Célé, through Marcilhac-sur-Célé, these little stone treasures never cease to amaze us. Nestled in the hollow of a meander of the river or huddled against the cliff, we like to stroll there, to recharge our batteries and also to bathe there. Let’s follow the course of the river and listen to the stories that these villages have to tell us.