Drawing of La Halle, FigeacPlace de la halle in Figeac, sketched by lolmède
©The market of the halls in drawing|Laurent Lolmède
Lolmède,illustrator, comic book author, sketch artist

Lolmède, an artist born in Figeac

Illustrator for the press and publishing, comic book author, Laurent Lolmède makes his daily life the subjects of his work. He draws his inspiration outside, in the street, in bars, in markets… Born in Figeac in 1965, he lives in Paris, works here and elsewhere.

His biography

With a CAP in advertising design in his pocket, Laurent entered the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in 1985, in the publishing-press section. He began his career in advertising, then devoted himself entirely tocomics, illustration and press drawing.

From 1992, it is in the form of photocopies that he publishes his Extraits Naturels de Carnets.

From 1996 to 2000, his chronicles of the daily life take the form of four large annual albums at éditions Alain Beaulet.

In 2010, United Dead Artists published Brut de Carnet, an impressive work gathering more than 20 years of drawings from the artist’s notebooks, then in 2018, Brut d’Actu, a book in which Lolmède revisits political, cultural and sports news.

In 2015, he begins to draw in red and blue and for years, he will draw only with these two colors.

In 2019, he launches a new artistic movement: the sub-bockism! His publisher, Alain Beaulet, publishes the book Sous Bocks Collection. From this work is born this pictorial movement consisting of drawing on coasters. The same year, he is the initiator of the movement of croûtistes and creator of La revanche des croûtes.

Since 2017, he is invested in several artistic residences and projects of priority districts.

The notebook on itself

During his art studies, Lolmède discovers the virtues of the book always on oneself and takes the habit of sketching on the spot, things, places, people.

He slips thousands of humorous details into his drawings. Cabu is a bit his school with his sarcastic, satirical, critical vision, a “black side” in the spirit of L’hebdo Hara-Kiri.

He enters the universe of comics a bit by chance. His comics are born from the mixture of his observational drawings, from nature, on notebooks, and small stories of everyday life, sketches drawn on one to two pages.

Sketcher on the spot

Drawing of La Halle, FigeacPlace de la halle in Figeac, sketched by lolmède
©The market of the halls in drawing

His observational work, both poetic and humorous remains his main motivation to get up in the morning.

Laurent Lolmède

His bibliography


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In 2015, he created a Facebook group entitled Figeac before 1990, with the desire to show as many people as possible, photos, documents only known by collectors. It is a real success. The group becomes a virtual place of strong exchange around Figeac, his city of birth.

From there, is born his idea to create a paper newspaper, tabloid style, which discloses all these treasures, show a Figeac retro or even forgotten, fueled by drawings and revisited by his eye of a neophyte loving his city. Follow the Figeac artist on the networks!