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A visitrich and atypical

Unusual visit : the hydroelectric power station of Cajarc

Three times a year, the hydroelectric power plant in Cajarc opens its doors to curious people of all ages. This unique visit is offered by EDF Hydro, in order to enlighten citizens on the origin of the electricity that powers our daily appliances.
From the water reservoir to the turbines, go behind the scenes of this renewable energy production “Made in Lot”.

A construction site

completed in 1947

Built during the 39-45 war, after seven years of work, under the aegis of the Société Hydroélectrique du Quercy and then EDF, the hydroelectric power plant of Cajarc is put into operation to increase our energy independence. Composed of a dam, whose concrete piers are reminiscent of the profile of a boat, and a generating station, the Cajarc site uses water from the Lot River to produce electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of 13,000 people each year. Just a few steps from the village, the power plant blends harmoniously with the landscapes of the grandiose lot valley.

From the water reservoir

in the engine room

The first part of the visit is on the Cajarc side, at the water retention, which raises the natural level of the river by about 3 meters. The dam has thus allowed the creation of a “water level” suitable for water sports activities. It is then through an old navigation tunnel that the stored water is “released” to the production plant, on the other side of the meander of the Lot.

In the second part of the visit, go to the heart of the engine room, a very tall building that houses three turbines with a production capacity of 9 megawatts. It is here that you will discover the behind-the-scenes of hydraulic power, in the midst of canals, gates and other upstream/downstream reaches.

The operations manager of the EDF Hydro du Lot hydroelectric plants will accompany you throughout an accessible tour, and will answer all your questions about the operation of the plant.

The Lot,

this great river
Bridge between Lot and Aveyron in CajarcBridge between Lot and Aveyron in Cajarc
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Follow the Lot, its breathtaking landscapes, its picturesque villages, its bewitching castles and keeps, its lively markets… From Capdenac-Le-Haut to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, you’ll enjoy discovering this lively destination, where outdoor activities, heritage and delicacies are mixed together!


The plant in

some figures

  • 4 million m³: this is the average volume of the water reservoir
  • 90 meters: this is the width of the dam
  • 373 meters: is the length of the underground route of the water feeding the power plant (instead of 4.5 km following the natural course of the Lot) and place (competition from the railroad and then the road)
  • 200: is the number of workers, composed mostly of foreigners: Spanish, Vietnamese, Moroccan, then German and Italian prisoners of war. The site saw a mixture of languages and cultures induced by the dramatic events of the first half of the 20th century. In Cajarc, it is estimated that there were 1000 people in this population.


Three tours are organized each summer for any public from 8 years old. Always very popular, it is strongly advised to book in advance to have the privilege of going behind the scenes of this industrial site characteristic of Cajarc and the Lot. The appointment is set at the tourist reception office in Cajarc located in the Chapel, Boulevard du Tour de ville.

Information and reservation at the Tourist Office of Grand-Figeac in the reception offices of Figeac, Cajarc, Capdenac-Gare, Capdenac-le-Haut and Lacapelle-Marival.