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Between riversand lakes

Fishing in our lakes and rivers

Fishing in the heart of Grand-Figeac offers you the unique experience of blending in with nature. Here, you’ll find unspoilt landscapes where rivers, streams, lakes and ponds intertwine. From thevalleys of the Lot and Célé rivers to the mountains of Ségala, the region promises great fishing with its backdrop of cliffs, valleys, forests and picturesque villages.


for fishing

Cast your line in the Lot or Lac du Tolerme! Classed as a 2nd category river, the Lot is teeming with carnivorous fish and is sure to please pike, carp and catfish anglers! If you’re looking for peace and quiet, the Célé is an attractive fishing spot for the opening trout season. Upstream from Figeac, the river, classified as a 1st category river, offers magnificent circuits where big trout swim! Stalk wild brown trout in the small streams of Ségala: Le Veyre, Le Bervezou, La Burlande. Downstream from Figeac, the river is classified as a 2nd category river, offering fabulous fishing for gudgeon, barbel, chub and vandoise! No-kill fishing is also available at Linac and Orniac. So, where do we start?

Fishing in Grand-Figeac

The region boasts a wide range of facilities and fishing trails: hand-fishing pontoons, boat slips, trails with the “discovery” label, night carp trails on the entire Lot river (except at Cajarc), no-kill black-bass trails at Cajarc, Lac du Tolerme and the Guirande lake, no-kill trout trails on the Célé, Veyre and Girou rivers… The list goes on!

The region’s fish stocks are varied: trout in the Célé and its tributaries, carnivorous fish, pike, pike-perch and perch in the Lot and other lakes. You can even catch crayfish in the smaller streams!
The Lot Federation for Fishing and the Protection of the Aquatic Environment works every day to preserve our lakes and rivers, raise anglers’ awareness ofresponsible fishing practices, and introduce children to fishing through fun workshops.


with your family

If you’re looking for a relaxing family day out, why not visit the lakes at Le Surgié, Leyme, Guirande à Felzins or theétang d’Assier, which boasts a fabulous population of white fish. In Figeac, take a trip along the banks of the Célé to Moulin de Laporte or Moulin de Merlançon in Ceint d’eau…

During the school vacations, children’s fishing workshops are both fun and educational, enabling them to discover fishing and theaquatic ecosystem with its flora and fauna. Grab your rods!

Fishing immersion

in the Lot


In 2023, the Lot Fishing Federation organized the second edition of the ” F’LOT CUP 46 “, a departmental float-tube fishing circuit. These exciting competitions showcase the sport of lure fishing for predators from small, individual boats. The growing popularity of float-tube fishing, appreciated for its playful and accessible dimension, particularly attracts young anglers. These events help to raise the profile of fishing, while at the same time highlighting the Lot region. In 2023, no fewer than 190 competitors gathered for the 5 dates of the F’LOT CUP 46!

Manche AAPPMA de Cajarc sur le Lot
Manche AAPPMA de Cajarc sur le Lot
Ma plus grosse compétition de pêche en float-tube !
Manche AAPPMA on Lac du Tolerme
Manche AAPPMA on Lac du Tolerme
Ils ont cassé cette compétition de pêche en float-tube en 10 minutes !

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