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A unique momentmeeting and sharing

Entratz, visit with the locals – EN

You’re passing, on holiday, with the urge to settle here or long-time residents. You like to share, meet, discover. Be curious and come in, as 6 locals open their doors to take you into the heart of their savoir-faire. A moment out of time where the only thing you gain is a human and sincere encounter. Farmers, winemakers, heritage, wildlife and flora enthusiasts, they’re waiting to give you anauthentic vision of our beautiful destination! This project is being developed in partnership with Derrière le Hublot. To book an appointment with an Entratz, contact us!”

Rose-Marie Rustan

“La Falaise is part of my history.”

The horizon first, with the incredible view of the village of Faycelles. “At the end of the rock, I often took refuge there to do my homework. Here, I was at peace”. Secondly, we discover the heritage, the murets made of dry stone, the caselles and then the dominating church. We continue down the bucolic path, under the falaise. Once you’ve arrived in the dense vegetation, amid the ferns, Rose-Marie will talk passionately to you, about plants: those that are edible, those useful in the vegetable garden. She’ll also mention water, that precious resource that follows the cliff. “My tour is in relief, we discover with these landscapes, the life of this place”. For Rose-Marie, each walk is a rich experience, a rencontre, a moment of exchange and sharing. And if you’re lucky, you may have the honor of sampling one of her delicious cakes!

Michel Delbos

“Street names tell the story of a town!”

Passionate about heritage, Michel takes you on his atypical visitof Capdenac-Gare, “I was born here, I worked here, I’m well inscribed in the local landscape”. His visit will take place high up, in Capdenac-Le-Haut: “from the vantage point, the checkerboard of streets linked to the Capdenac political world is revealed “. He’ll be happy to tell you all about the town’s history, its development and its special features. For Michel, it’s a way of “passing on a family tradition” linked to his childhood: “on Sundays, we used to take a walk from Capdenac-Gare to Capdenac-Le-Haut, it all starts from there”. A moment for all the curious who want to know more about the town, with, a little extra: the incredible view over the Lot Valley!

Antoine Baehr

“A contact with the earth, the soil, the nature of Limargue.

After traveling around the world, Antoine, an engineer agronomist by training, made the choice to return to his birthplace. Passionate about aquaculture, the relationship between man and water, and soil biology, he chose to go into vines in 2015. “Water and wine work together, crops need water, everything is linked”. Antoine will introduce you to his 2500 organic vines, planted as a family. “I knew nothing about wine, I learned everything, first at an experimental farm and then, independently, on my vine plants”. And if you’re so inclined, maybe he’ll share one of his other passions with you: the construction of dry-stone walls on the Causse. Stop by and take the time to meet him to discover his vision of growing vines, his passion for water, working the land and his respect for nature as a whole.

Chistophe Pélaprat

“Hidden art in the middle of the fields.”

This tour takes you through two intimately linked paths: the landscapeand its reliefs, the landscape and its“peasant heritage”. Christophe will take you through “curtains of trees”, where large oaks” dominate, to then glimpse remarkable viewpoints that reveal the diversity of landscapes between Causses, Limargue and Ségala. As you turn around, he’ll show you a gariotte, caselles, a well, a fountain“Every construction is a work of art”. Christophe marvels at the architectural culture achieved in the 19th century: Folklore here is architecture!. Sensitive to the protection of the treasures that surround us, both natural and man-made, Christophe will be a interpreter of the territory, with a sincere desire to share this hidden heritage, to all curious passers-by or locals.

Jean Laporte

Chestnuts are a real part of my life.

A huge, infectious smile as you arrive, Jean is waiting to tell you his story with chestnuts. Born into a family of farmers, he explains the epic story of this fruit, long essential to Ségala. Abandoned for a time, it was in 1976 that Jean and his father planted chestnut trees to revive the activity, “and then it was off!”. Jean has always had a sensitivity to nature, to trees. He’ll be delighted to tell you all about the ups and downs of this atypical crop. A true chestnut enthusiast, he’s keen to pass on to you, to share with you, a piece of his life. A authentic visit that will transport you to the heart of Ségala.

Jacques Thébaud

“Where nature has reclaimed its rights.”

Jacques knows all about this place. Having arrived 40 years ago, it was in 1995 that he was one of the founders of the association “Du côté de Puy Blanc“. Their aim: to protect the former quarry, now a wetland, and bring it to life to pass on their knowledge of the area. The tuilerie exploited the clay until the 1980s. It was then that nature made a comeback, on a landscape shaped by man, to transform the place into a wilderness home to an incredible fauna and flora. “The challenge here was to succeed in making the former quarry a space rich in biodiversity: we’ve succeeded!”. And if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll hear the song of a protected species, the yellow-bellied toad

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