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Put your bag down,everything on site!

Relaxing vacations at camping La Devèze – EN

Camping with all the comforts of home – it’s possible! At La Devèze campsite, Laura welcomes you with a smile, in an unspoilt, bucolic setting. In the pretty village of Livernon, in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Causses du Quercy, “Put your bag down, everything’s on site! “

An authentic campsite

and every comfort

Opened in 2018, La Devèze campsite was designed with Laura’s travel memories in mind. ” I love camping, so I wanted to recreate the camping atmosphere by bringing maximum comfort “. Everyone pitched in, and ” a team of hearts ” made up of Laura’s family and friends managed, in just 9 months, to get La Devèze off the ground. She wanted people to be able to cook on the spot with ease, and to have a place where they could meet and exchange ideas. The planchas and grills are ready and available, sheltered under a cosy kiosk. A fully-equipped common room is also available. The wooden tents have all the necessary comforts and can accommodate up to 4 people for the “classic” tents and up to 8 people for the dormitory tent. Trees and hedges are growing to shade the 8 free pitches and the camper van pitch, all of which are equipped with electricity. The sanitary facilities are impeccable: “Here, it’s almost as if you were in your own bathroom”. The site is ideal for couples, friends and families. Many sports enthusiasts on the move (on foot or by bike) also stop off to recharge their batteries at La Devèze. Laura insists: ” Here, we offer something unusual, but accessible to everyone– everyone has the right to a vacation! “.

An approach


Since the creation of our wooden tents, we have been committed to aneco-responsible approach. In the cabins on stilts, the scent of cedar perfumes the room and transports you to the forests. La Devèze is an ” eco-committed campsite with 16 tree-lined pitches, bordered by vegetation and dotted with small paths offering an esplanade at human speed “. Laura is very concerned about the well-being of her customers, while respecting theenvironment. Breakfast features delicious local produce. Pillows are made from organiccotton and millet, and comforters from GOTS-certified organic sheep’s wool. ” Hot water is provided by a system of solar thermal panels, and wastewater is treated directly on site by a planted-bed sanitationsystem.” You’ll quickly notice the pretty green bamboo forest. Lighting is directed downwards, to limit light pollution. Take the time to experience a magical moment as you gaze up at the stars in the black triangle of the Causses du Quercy. Everything has been thought out to ensure that the campsite is in harmony with nature!

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Your favorite moment: ” In the morning, when I talk to customers who are happy with their stay. They leave with a smile on their face, thinking, ‘Maybe we’ll come back again.Your best memory:The construction work! When I was on the roof, with a view of the whole place. I really enjoyed creating this place!What you like best about the Lot: Its low walls, its almost enchanted nature, the oak trees, the smell of the market, the personality of the people who live here, the constant desire to preserve the place. Even when you’re working, you feel like you’re on vacation here!


La Bergerie

and the Mari-Tou

And if you want even more comfort, La Devèze also has two gîtes for 6 people. La Bergerie and La Mari-Tou, are two charming accommodations located at the gateway to the village of Livernon. The spacious, comfortable interiors are tastefully furnished, offering everything you need for a relaxing stay. For those seeking a vacationexperience imbued with tranquility and conviviality, these two gîtes offer an ideal retreat for stays with family or friends.


and activate

Livernon is a small village in the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park, a Unesco World Geopark, with many treasures to discover: a beautiful Romanesque church, the remarkable Caselle de Lacam, the imposing Dolmen de la Pierre Martine and the great Menhir de Bélinac! Try your hand at hiking or cycling, before taking advantage of the campsite swimming pool!

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