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This summer, go on a family adventure with the musée Champollion – Les Écritures du Monde. Discover the fascinating history of the letter and illustration, to glimpse the spontaneous and surprising link between written and image. Then follow in the footsteps of Petit Noun, on his incredible epic journey to the Louvre Museum. Continue exploring history with the variouschildren’s workshops offered by the museum. Be curious, there’s something for everyone!

2 exhibitions

around illustration

A la lettre – Une histoire de l’illustration“, the main exhibition located in the annex, takes you on a journey through the history of illustration, from the first colportage works, through folk imagery, to the youth illustration of today. You’ll then gain an insight into the evolution of drawing, which for a long time made it possible to “read” without knowing how to decipher letters, then to understand letters, to learn words, before becoming a history in its own right. The second part of the exhibition is called “ABC, the Fabulous Alphabet” and will particularly appeal to children. The plates from the book ABC by Marion Arbona, children’s illustrator, are to be discovered. They take you on a graphic journey around letters, tinged with bright, cheerful colors where everyone will have fun playing with words and drawings.”Animals, fruits, objects interlock: a host of details that offer everyone the chance to invent a thousand and one funny and wacky stories.workshops and game booklets are available on site.From June 24 to October 1, 2023.

Little Noun

and secret signs

Petit Noun, Hippopotamus star among children, comes to tell you his crazy history lived at the musée du Louvre. Musée Champollion – Les Écritures du Monde draws on Géraldine Elschner‘s book, to bring you original plates by illustrator Anja Klauss. Produced in co-publication with the Louvre Museum, the album was created in close collaboration with curators from the Egyptian Antiquities department. An exciting journey that transports you into “a great bath of night” where the works on display become fantastic. From June 24 to October 1, 2023.

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It was while reading books to her daughter that Céline Ramio, curator of the Musée Champollion, had the idea, long hidden in a drawer, of creating an event around illustration. Blown away by the audacity of this art form, Céline explains that she sees in it “a freedom not found elsewhere“. Stéphanie Lebreton, in charge of the museum’s audiences and collections, adds that historically, “writing starts from the image” and, despite the fact that drawing may seem lighter on the surface, it’s quite the opposite, “nothing is left to chance,everything is reflected in the image“.

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