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From the farmto your plate

Les Giroflées farm store – ES

Right in the heart of Figeac, on the banks of the Célé, have you noticed this majestic green building? Push open the door here, and you’ll find good quality products, sold by committed local producers. First, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and a smile, then you’ll be able to fill your basket with colorful, seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheeses and other delicacies.Then there’s the pleasure of filling your basket with colorful seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheeses, meats, cookies, drinks and even soaps… The direct link between you and the farms, the encounter with the local, the proximity – that’s the Giroflées concept.

A place

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Born of a desire to create a store offering short distribution circuits, it took a few years before the SCIC (Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif) was born. The direct encounter between producers and consumers is one of its key points. Here, farmers manage the store, participate in the life of the premises, and are in contact with customers. To sell at Les Giroflées, you first need to be involved in organic and/or peasant farming, be located no more than 80km away, and be willing to invest in the store, but above all in a collective approach. ” Selling in a farmers’ store is a real opportunity: you have premises at your disposal, and an established clientele! “. Today, 21 associate farms and more than 50 farms on consignment sell and participate in the store. You’ll find everything you need for a healthier, more respectful lifestyle:seasonal fruits, dried vegetables, local wines, farmhouse and artisanal beers, beef, poultry, pork, lamb, duck, veal, field and seasonal vegetables, jams, herbal teas, syrups, eggs, honey and all its derivativess, vinegars, cow, goat and ewe cheeses, breads, pasta, charcuterie, preserves, etc. Here, ” we want to promote local production that respects the environmentand animals, while offering quality food to the local population “.

A place


As you enter the store, you’ll notice the beauty of the building, so atypical. At Les Giroflées, you can do your shopping, but you can also visit an exhibition. Established in 1930, the premises were first a supermarket, then a hardware store, a bicycle store… Today, you can find local products and take the time to discover artists ! Visits upstairs are free of charge, and a drink is offered at each vernissage. “The aim is to enable people to discover art in a place that is both exceptional in terms of architecture and commonplace in terms of shopping!

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Your favorite moment:The satisfaction of having a beautiful, welcoming and well-stocked store, the arrival of fresh vegetables! But also, the discussions with customers eager to get to know the store, the producers and the products. And, of course, all our exchanges of experience between growers! That’s what Les Giroflées is all about, an exchange between those who grow, raise and those who enjoy the produce!

Your fondest memory:Opening the store was the real culmination of our collective efforts! And also, the hiring of our employee, who confirms the smooth running of our collective store!

s your favorite thing about the Lot: The nature and the welcome! I came from nowhere, and made my mark in just 1 day. The Lot is very welcoming!

Les associés des Giroflées

Workshops for everyone

At Les Giroflées, we learn, discover and exchange. Every month, different workshops are offered, with themed weeks: cosmetics, bees, insects… Many outside contributors organize workshops based on nature and respect for the environment, in a friendly atmosphere. For Taste Week, the store’s producers offer tastings of their products – enough to make you want to come in every day!

Giroflées values

1 – Guaranteed farm and localprovenance.

2 – Respect for natural cycles and animal welfare.

3 – Seasonal products from environmentally-friendly farming (GMO-free).

4 – A store that encourages farmers to set up on human-scale farms.

5 – An approach that strengthens farm autonomy and sustainability.

6 – Farms that welcome you with pleasure to share their craft!