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A rejuvenating break at the Oseraie du Quercy – EN

There are places where, in the space of a few seconds, you feel good, serene. There are encounters that mark your journeys, your travels, your lives. L’Oseraie du Quercy is one of those places that won’t leave you indifferent. You’re bound to marvel at the beauty of the landscape, the incredible view over the Lot valley, the strong presence of nature. Then you’ll have the chance to meet Isabelle’s smile and warm, cheerful welcome. You’ll be able to sleep in her soothing guest rooms, with the most beautiful of views: the verdant valley. And with a little curiosity, you’ll find her basketry workshop, a place to explore, before you, in turn, might want to start manipulating wicker. Would you like to come in?

A showcase

of nature

L ‘Oseraie du Quercy is the perfect place to stay for a night or more, whether you’re passing through, cycling or hiking, or spending a weekend in the Lot. The 2 guest rooms and the TINI have been designed with sustainable development and eco-responsibility in mind . There’s no TV here, just swallows and human interaction, over a meal based on local produce! Nature is omnipresent, and Isabelle “lets it invade the space”. The furniture is second-hand, the materials chosen are noble and ecological, the decor is uncluttered and leaves room for serenity. Everything is designed to respect nature, while offering real comfort. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and essential amenities to make your stay a success. A welcome return to basics!

A turning point


Isabelle is no stranger to the Lot, where her grandparents were market gardeners. She spent her childhood in the Lot before traveling all over France and gaining a wide range of professional experience. Being on the move has enabled her to develop a capacity for adaptation and an open mind. After a long career as a research communications manager, she decided to change her life in 2013:“Coming back to the Lot made sense to me! A long time ago, she had done some woofing and tried her hand at basketry, and remembers“falling in love with the material “. In 2014, she joined the National School of Basketry and Osiericulture, because she wanted to have the link, from culture to creation. For Isabelle,“transformation is important “, as is transmission,“accompanying people to the end of their basket, it’s great, frankly, I’m having a blast! “. Throughout the year, she offers workshops for all levels, as well as school and extra-curricular activities. All you have to do is take the plunge!

Tell us more

The Quercy OseraieThe Quercy Oseraie
©The Quercy Oseraie

Your favorite moment: “When guests ask to see my workshop. It’s a great moment, people ask lots of questions about basketry and wickerwork, they’re very curious and I love this moment of transmission!Your best memory: “It was a summer evening, a young couple on vacation, a barbecue, a game of pétanque and sharing a meal together. It was a great moment! I wanted to say, thank you, you’ve understood the spirit of the place! “Whats your favorite thing about the Lot: “The authenticity of nature, the polarity between plant and mineral, I love this atmosphere, this omnipresent limestone in the midst of biodiversity. ”


Slow down

and enjoy

At L’Oseraie du Quercy, the rooms are comfortable and the view just incredible. A large common room with kitchen, lounge, games and brochures is at your disposal. A gourmet, organic and local breakfast awaits you every morning. Dishes cooked by a local caterer are also available. No knick-knacks or frills, just nature, the garden, peace and quiet and Ploum the cat. And then, of course, there’s meeting new people, sharing moments, exchanging life stories, “and above all, no grumpiness! “

Step on the pedal!

L’Oseraie du Quercy has been awarded the ” Accueil Vélo” label! On site, you’re guaranteed to find a cycling itinerary less than 5 km away, in this case the Véloroute in the Lot valley. You’ll also find facilities adapted to cyclists, including secure bike shelters and repair kits. But you’ll also find services dedicated to cycling travellers, as well as a warmwelcome and advice on how to make your itinerary a success!


basket weavers

The cultivation of wicker, known as “osiericulture”, is distinguished by its specificity: it consists in growing trees that are cut down annually to harvest the year’s young shoots. These young shoots, of varying sizes and coarseness, are used as raw material for basketry or the creation ofplant architecture (garden decorations). The wicker plantations are planted very tightly, to grow tall and straight, at a rate of 125,000 cuttings per hectare, in the open ground. The wicker is then sorted by length, and either dried or put back into the water to be debarked in May or June. In all cases, the wicker is re-hardened for further processing. So there are many stages before you have a beautiful creation in your hands:“I wanted to mix agriculture and craftsmanship, so I could work the material from start to finish! “.