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Live beautiful moments

The family adventure

Figeac, Valleys of the Lot and Célé, a wonderful playground, adventure and discovery for your next sunny getaway. From the Ségala to the Limargue to the Causses du Quercy, we’ve selected for you some great activities to do with your family. Hikes with riddles, carriage rides, time travel, there’s something for everyone! For the adventurers, the curious of nature, the explorers.

On the way to Super-Cayrou

With Sam & Falco

Go on an adventure with Baludik on the way to Super-Cayrou in Gréalou! Adigital scavenger hunt with 11 enigmas to solve as a family, on one of the most beautiful stretches of the GR65.

“Sam has found his grandfather’s old pilgrim’s notebook. Unfortunately, some pages are missing and some are half-faded. Sam decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to complete the notebook. Join Sam on thisadventure and follow Falco his friend the peregrine falcon who will show you the way”

On a nature walk

At the Domaine de Mons

In the company of sheep or in escargoline, for two adults or three children, towed by the pumpkin donkey, stroll along an interpretation trail of 3.5 km: 1:30, on the farm’s land, in the middle of oak forest plots and dry grasslands. You will discover dolmens, small caves (inaccessible), dolines and the typical flora and fauna of the Causse. This walk, accompanied by Rodolphe, shepherd, and Marie, amateur naturalist, will be followed by aperitif dinner on a large dolmen, based on local products. An original way to discover the causse. The activity is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

In good company

at the Pech Blanc mare farm

It’s a real return to your roots that awaits you at Agathe and Jean-Baptiste’s house!

In the heart of the Limargue, escape to the middle of the many Haflingers horses from the Tyrol and the Henson horses from the cradle of the Marquenterre breed in the Bay of the Somme. You have the choice between going on adriving tour, attending the milking and even tasting the organic mare’s milk… Terribly rejuvenating!

An amazing journey

at the geosite of Calvignac

A travel through time awaits you on the path of Pousadou! Leon, a village child, has drunk a strange potion and left our time. Help him return to the 21st century with Baludik.

This 1.5-hour walking tour takes you from the rocher de la Beaume on a landscaped route of the tranche de Calvignac and tells you 200 million years of history in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régionaldes Causses du Quercy, a Unesco World Geopark since 2017.