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CO pathsto infinity

Orienteering in the Grand-Figeac

A map, a compass and sneakers: let’s go for a nature activity in the middle of beautiful landscapes! Accessible, fun and rejuvenating, Orientation Running is an original leisure activity that will appeal to all ages!

What is it?

orienteering ?

Called CO for the initiated, Orientation Running integrates leisure, reflection and competition for the more sporty. Solo, with friends or family, there are different levels for everyone to have fun.

As the name suggests, orienteering is a sport where you have to orient yourself with the help of a map and a compass, with the aim of finding beacons, while trying to make the best time possible. Originating in Scandinavia, this activity developed globally beginning in the 1960s. Today, France has over 200 clubs! Initially on foot, this sport is developing and you can find CO on bike, ski, kayak, in the wilderness or in urban areas. All places are conducive to being playgrounds to invent new courses!


good for your health!

Thisall-around sport allows you to get out and aerate while learning to navigate. On an outing, you make decisions to choose directions, venture into new environments and stimulate your intellectual abilities. Of course, the cardio, endurance, muscles work too! And all this, without noticing it, while recovering and enjoying nature to the fullest!

Practical information

2023, orienteering in the spotlight!

Note the dates, from August 21 to 27, 2023, 1500 orienteers from all over France are expected on the Grand-Figeac for 7 days of competition.

  • Monday, August 21 and Tuesday, August 22: training in Cabrerets and Espédaillac
  • Wednesday, August 23: MD regional race in Quissac
  • Thursday, August 24: Urban sprint in Figeac
  • Friday, August 25: Orient’show in Figeac

    Saturday, August 26: French Long Distance Championship in Brengues

  • Sunday, August 27: French Relay Championship in Gréalou

There will also be runs and training in Quissac and Figeac during the week. Introductory circuits will be offered at all events; they will be accessible to all: runners, walkers and families. The Figeac Nature Orientation Club (FINO) and its 80 members will ensure the organization of the summer sporting event on the Grand-Figeac.