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Find your transportationAnd visit!

Getting around

In the Grand Figeac

By train, by bus, on foot, here are our suggestions of places to visit from Figeac.

Take the bus

The Lio bus covers much of the Grand-Figeac area. 4 lines are available, with schedules adapted to all types of travel, at a rate of 2€ per trip.

  • Line 884: Lacapelle-Marival – Figeac (4 round trips per day)
  • Line 885: Latronquière – Figeac (minimum 2 round trips per day)
  • Line 886: Assier – Figeac (4 round trips per day)
  • Line 889: Cahors – Figeac
  • Line 876: Figeac – Rocamadour – Padirac (summer 2022)

And if you just want to stay on Figeac, consider using the free bus!

Find a cab

Or rent a car

Is no bus convenient for you? Then choose on-demand transportation:


On the roads

Want to discover the richness of our territory more intensely? Try the walking experience!”

Paths and walks, starting from Figeac or the nearby surroundings, in the form of loops are available in our home offices and on the Walks and Hikes page. Some loops in the vicinity are accessible by bus from Figeac-Gare Routière with the Lio lines.

For the more athletic, Grandes Randonnées et Itinérances over several days exist starting from Figeac, on foot, by bike or on horseback, in a loop or linear…