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Guided tours for groups of Figeac

Discover all the guided tours concocted especially by our teams dedicated to groups! Figeac is an incredible medieval city, explore the ruelles, enter places steeped in history and marvel at the artistic treasures.
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Guided walking tour of the city

Duration of the visit



Tarif ≤ 25 pers. : fixed price of 130€
Tarif > 25 pers. : 5€ per person

Additional guide

Extra charge for a 2nd guide at the request of the group: + 60 €.

In the heart of a medieval city

The streets and monuments deliver you all their wealth. Merchants’ houses, Romanesque abbey, medieval squares, it’s the whole heart of the city that reveals its history and secrets to you. Discover by walking from places to alleys, the houses and palaces medieval with ornate facades, the mansions between courtyard and garden, the churches and their ornaments.

Night walk

Duration of the visit



Tarif ≤ 25 pers. : 180€ package
Tariff > 25 pers. : 8€ per person

Torch or lantern

A torch or a lantern for 2 people

Torchlight tour

Discover the secrets of its traveling merchants, enter the daily life of the bourgeois of the century of Saint-Louis, dream yourself a pilgrim of Compostela… This tour by torchlight, in the atmosphere of the ruelles de Figeac, plunged into the half-light, will hold some surprises for you.

Guided tour in the little train "Lou Fijagol

Duration of the visit

45 minutes, visit every day except Saturday.


Fee ≤ 30 pers. : 248€ package (334€ package Sunday and holidays)
Fee > 30 pers. : 8€ per person (10€ per person Sunday and holidays)

Panoramic city tour

Walk on the banks of the Célé, the new districts, the churches, the calvary, the terrasses of Puy and the old town. Visit of the city by small train (45min), except on Saturday morning (market day). A pleasant way to “fly over” the city and make you want to know more!

Guided tour on foot and by train

Duration of the visit

1h30 to 2h including 45 mn by small train.


Fee ≤ 30 pers. : fixed price of 281€ (fixed price of 421€ Sunday and holidays)
Fee > 30 pers. : 9,50€ per person (13,90€ per person Sunday and holidays)

One part on foot and one part by train

City tour and commented walk aboard the little train Lou Fijagol on the Cele river banks, the new neighborhoods, the churches, the old town, then discover on foot the ruelles, the mansions and the wealth of ornate façades.

The Salons of the Collège du Puy and the Museum of History

Duration of the visit



Rate ≤ 25 pers. : fixed price of 130€.

The treasures of Figeac

The Salons reveal decorations of carved woodwork and painted tiles. The history museum, meanwhile, embodies the memory of Figeac and bears witness to the distant travels made by its donors.

The museum arranged in the spirit of cabinets of curiosities embodies the material memory of the town and the department, but also bears witness to the distant travels made by its generous donors.

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