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Group visits to the villages of the Pays d’art et d’histoire

Set out to discover the treasures of the Grand-Figeac, the most beautiful villages in valleys of the Lot and the Célé, the typical architecture of the Causses du Quercy, the majestic castle of Assier. With a guide conférencier just for you, you’ll know everything about our destination!

Visits to the villages

Duration of the visit



Tarif ≤ 25 pers. : fixed price of 130€
Tarif > 25 pers. : 5€ per person

Additional guide

Extra charge for a 2nd guide at the request of the group: + 60 €.

In the heart of picturesque villages

Set out to discover the picturesque surroundings: Cajarc, Capdenac-Le-Haut, Cardaillac, Faycelles, Marcilhac-sur-CélMedieval Age and reflections of a land between Causse and Ségala, Lot and Célé Valleys have justified the label Pays d’Art et d’Histoire. Open your eyes wide, the landscapes are stunning, the heritage remarkably well preserved, the nature omnipresent.

Assier and its castle

Duration of the visit



Price ≤ 9 pers. : fixed price of 160€
Fee 10 – 15 pers. : fixed price of 185€
Fee 16 – 20 pers. Price 21 – 15 people : 200€
Price 21 – 15 pers. 10€ per person

In the footsteps of Galiot de Genouillac

Discover the village, fiefdom of Galiot de Genouillac, grand master of the artillery of Francis I to whom we owe the magnificence of the Renaissance castle and the church of St. Peter of Assier. The visit is guided through the village and inside the castle. A real leap in time awaits you, a unmissable village to visit!

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