Château de Lacapelle-MarivalChâteau de Lacapelle-Marival
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From one castle to another – For groups

In the company of the guide, you set out for the day to discover castles but also various landscapes passing from rounded hills and open valleys to the calcareous plateaus of the Causse.

From Lacapelle-Marival to Assier


1 day


Fee: from €53

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All year round.

The morning


Guided tour of the village and the castle of Lacapelle-Marival. Classified as a historical monument in 1939, the castle was for 4 centuries the residence of the great Cardaillac family. While visiting it, you will discover 15th century paintings, 17th century decorations (reproduction of Dutch prints on a French ceiling, grisailles evoking antiquity and celebrating the victories of the kings of France).

Lunch at the restaurant
In the afternoon


Guided tour of the Château d’Assier and the village. An example of Renaissance architecture. Galiot de Genouillac, head of the armies of François I and winner of the battle of Marignan in 1515, built a castle in Quercy according to the standards of the Renaissance architecture that was then unfolding in the Loire Valley. Continuation with a visit to a goose breeding farm and a tasting.

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