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Beautiful escapesin the Lot Valley

Larnagol and Calvignac : fortified sites

The Lot river stretches along vertiginous cliffs, through wild landscapes punctuated with architectural wonders. Typical villages line the river, around a meander of the Lot, the panorama reveals to us, on each side of the bank, two old fortified sites: Calvignac and Larnagol.


and its geosite

Perched on a rocky spur 80 meters above sea level, Calvignac radiates above the river. Its positioning ensured an ideal place of surveillance and the fortified village still retains some vestiges. In the Middle Ages, Calvignac established itself as one of the viscounties of Quercy. The ramparts of the castle, which protected against aggression, remain partly visible today. A nice curiosity to discover in Lot Valley!


and its castle

Facing Calvignac, Larnagol dominates the other bank of the Lot. Nestled in the heart of the village, the eighteenth-century Château de Larnagol boasts beautiful terraced gardens and preserved interior decorations true to the French art of living. The authentic building can be visited and will appeal to all lovers of heritage and poetic flower gardens.

Visit Larnagol Castle

Looking for a fun ride?

Jeu de piste Baludik à CalvignacAppli Baludik
©Jeu de piste numérique Calvignac Appli Baludik
Looking for a fun ride?

Thanks to the Baludik app, travel back in time and discover the village of Calvignac and its developed geosite! This route is punctuated with markers and illustrations offering you to observe and understand the formation of the rock layers, which were superimposed over 170 million years ago. Download the application and embark on a time machine!

Sam & Falko


of a vinicultural past

The Lot forms tight meanders on this section of the valley, highlighted by slopes with very marked geological strata above which only small shrubs and trees grow. In the 19th century, before the phylloxera crisis, numerous plots ofvines covered the slopes and valley floors. Vines represented the main income in Calvignac and were second only to tobacco in Larnagol. Their rather esteemed wines were transited by the Lot to Bordeaux in this golden age of river transport. These communes had the particularity of using the young leaves of the box tree as fertilizer after their decomposition by humidity. This technique brought a unique boxwood aroma to the wines produced in the valley.

In the heart of the Regional Natural Park

From the Causses of Quercy

Classified as a Unesco geopark in 2017, the PNR des Causses du Quercy has a remarkable faunaand flora. Dry grasslands, caselles and low walls, Caussenard sheep, picturesque villages, are to be discovered along your journey. The valleys of the Lot and the Célé cross this protected area. Preserved from light pollution, the black triangle of Quercy, located on the PNR, is an opportunity to contemplate the twinkling stars of the Milky Way!