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Play the little explorers

To punctuate your holidays with the family, whet the curiosity of your children, travel through time or discover the world of art, many actors in the territory offer workshopsyoung public, thematically creative and imaginative. Theseactivities children begin with a walk to discover a historical site, an exhibition, continue with amanual creation in the room and are followed by a snack.



Stained glass workshop

Of fire and colors

It is to this key art of the Middle Ages and its luminous magic that you will be initiated! You will discover what a stained glass is, its role and the messages it delivers, the colors used but also the steps, tools and manufacturing secrets of the glass master. You will make your own little personal stained glass window thanks to an adapted technique and materials.

For children aged 7 to 12. Parents are welcome and materials are provided.

Calligraphy workshop

The beautiful letters

Learn to imitate the beautiful handwriting of the Middle Ages! Back then, monks used the pen or the calamus, the beveled reed, and dipped them in ink to write. You’ll learn about these calligrapher’s tools, and the techniques to discipline your hand and write beautifully.

You’ll put your first name in lights and keep your calligraphy as a souvenir!

For artists ages 7-12. Parents are welcome and materials are provided.

The workshops

Pom* Pompidou

Are you between 5 and 12? The contemporary art will hold no secrets for you. Visit the contemporary exhibition at the Maison de Arts and make an original creation related to the exhibition.

The toddlers also have their Pom*Pompidou workshops! If you’re under 4, you’ll participate in a sensory exploration of the exhibitions. You look, you touch, you crawl. Anything goes!

Creative and imaginative

More workshops

In the castle of Assier

A very long time ago, a large part of the Château d’Assier was sold. But where are the remains of the home of Galiot de Genouillac? Set out with your family to find them. By manipulating a model, build, deconstruct and transform this Renaissance castle to your liking.

At the Champollion Museum

In thehome of Jean-François Champollion, the decipherer of hieroglyphics, the game tours related to Egypt will enthrall you: Vegetant Osiris, the Prince with the Broken Nose, the Mystery of the Mummy. You can also opt to visit the museum with the game books! They are top notch and suitable for every age. The family tour The Supports of the Written Word will take you from clay tablets to digital books to papyrus and parchment. Exciting!

At the Museum of History

Did you know that a long time ago the sea came to Figeac and that when it withdrew it left traces? After its passage our countryside was populated by dinosaurs…you find it hard to believe? Come visit the history museumwith the Dino and the Fossils animation where irrefutable evidence and other surprises await you!