Château de Lacapelle-MarivalChâteau de Lacapelle-Marival
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Travelin the days of the lords

Lacapelle-Marival and its imposing castle

On the borders of the gentle valleys of Ségala and the verdant landscapes of Limargue, Lacapelle-Marival elegantly transports us back to the era of the lords and the prestigious Cardaillac family. Majestically dominating the town, the 15th-century château, listed as a Monument Historique, stands nobly in the heart of the village. Its imposing keep evokes Lacapelle-Marival’s glorious past as a major strategic crossroads. The village is also a stopover on the GR®6, the route linking Figeac to the Rocamadour sanctuary.

A linked history

in Cardaillac

Let’s take a trip back to the 12th century, when this strategic crossroads attracted the attention of the powerful Cardaillac family. It was here, in 1270, that Géraud I de Cardaillac had his first château built , rapidly becoming the vibrant heart of a flourishing village. This fortress, a guarantee of security and prosperity, consolidated the town’s crucial position on the trade routes of the time. However, with the passage of time and the tumultuous trials of the Hundred Years’ War, the first castle disappeared. Yet, with exemplary tenacity, the village rose again, welcoming new arrivals and adopting new industries such as glassmaking and weaving. It wasn’t until the late 15th – early 16th century that Astorg de Cardaillac built a second imposing château, the one we know today. Lacapelle-Marival has preserved precious architectural remains from this glorious era, inherited from the important Cardaillac seigneury. Among them, the château stands proudly as an emblem of the town’s rich and exciting history.

What to see in Lacapelle-Marival

The must-haves
  • The 15th-century château with its imposing square keep, and its spring and summerexhibitions,
  • The 15th-century market hall,
  • L’Arbol, the former gateway to the surrounding wall, with its tower,
  • The 16th-century church with its painting of the Brancardiers.

Take a stroll back in time to the Middle Ages, through the narrow streets of the town. For a self-guided tour, there’s nothing like the Keys to Lacapelle-Marival!

The castle

City emblem

Classified as a historic monument since 1939, the Château de Lacapelle-Marival bears the legacy of the illustrious Cardaillac family, who lived here for four centuries. Its imposing square keep fascinates with its machicolations and watchtowers at each corner. The 15th-century main building, flanked by robust round towers, features superb early 17th-century carved beams. Inside, 15th-century paintings and 17th-century decor take you on a journey through the ages. French-style ceilings adorned with reproductions of Dutch prints and grisailles evoking Antiquity bear witness to the refinement of the period. In the heart of the courtyard, a contemporary bronze sculpture, “Les Violons”, byartist Casimir Ferrer, adds a contemporary artistic touch to this medieval gem, creating a harmonious marriage between past and present.

Fishing and walking

at Lac Le Merlival

A haven of peace for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, this 3-hectare lake offers the ideal place to recharge your batteries in complete tranquillity. Here, the only ones taking the plunge are the aquatic inhabitants!On this 2nd category lake, a handi-fishing station has been set up to guarantee easy access for people with reduced mobility, enabling everyone to enjoy this unspoilt environment to the full. After a nice picnic on one of the picnic tables or in one of the typical restaurants nearby, what could be better than a peaceful stroll along its shores?


Passion for moto-cross !

Adrenalin is the order of the day here! Lacapelle-Marival is home to the world-renownedGeorges Filholmotocrosscircuit. With a length of 1700 metres and a width of between 8 and 12 metres, this circuit offers thrilling moments at every turn, for professional athletes and motocross enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re an avid spectator or a fearless racer, the site is the ideal place to experience thrills and spills. The circuit has already welcomed some of the biggest names in motocross at the Masters, and was even the venue for a round of the prestigious World Championship (MXGP) in 2021, before hosting the French Elite Motocross Championship in 2023! A must-see experience for all motorsports fans!