Balade copines Marcilhac sur Célé
©Détente rivière Marcilhac-sur-Célé|Jérôme Morel - Les Editions de la Cévenne
Freshnessof the river

Bathing in the Célé valley

Summer and the heat are well and truly here… What could be better than a tonic and invigorating bath in the waters of our rivers? The Célé Valley, majestic, wild and intimate, reveals to us dizzying landscapes with its imposing cliffs. Small bucolic beaches of sand, pebbles or grass, they are an invitation to swimming, splashing, relaxing, family picnics or the simple happiness of reading.

Where to go to have fun



Curled in the hollow of a meander of the Célé, the village has preserved the quietude of its former priory. The place so idyllic has taken the name of “Val Paradis” from it. It is at the entrance of this medieval village, under the bridge, that this pebble beach shaded by the cliff invites you to a cool break.


Known for its “château des Anglais” clinging to the cliff, the village has a shaded grassy beach and a pebble beach. The rock piles in the river form a natural reservoir ideal for an invigorating break.

The cliffs

as a backdrop


Here the Troglodyte houses are clinging under a cliff corbel. The pebble beach can be reached by crossing the municipal campsite. A few meters upstream from the swimming area, the setting is ideal for swimming under a vegetation tunnel.


Blotti in a cirque of cliffs, the village developed around a fortified Benedictine abbey. The small grassy beach in the heart of the village offers a dazzling view of the monumental cliffs. Further on, after the bridge crossing the Célé, in the direction of Saint-Chels, you can discover the river by canoë.


In a meander of the river, the developed beach is located below the village: here the water is translucent. With your feet in the water, you can picknick while rolling the pebbles,read a book while listening to the birds sing, or simply contemplate the incredibly dizzying scenery.

Practical information

Try it out in the valley

  • Take a cano ride to be totally immersed
  • Hike on the marked trails to get some height
  • Visit the picturesque villages to take a step back in time
  • Taste local produce at summer gourmet markets

Protect the Célé Valley:

  • Pick up your clutter to leave the nature clean.
  • Leave the flowers in place, they’re so pretty!
  • Choose the beaches that have been developed to keep the wild edges of the river



The Natura 2000 network is made up of a set of natural, terrestrial and marine sites. It aims to ensure the survival of particularly threatened species and habitats of our biodiversity. The lower Célé valley is Natura 2000: from Corn to Bouziès, the fauna and flora overflow with treasures to be protected. The park as well as other interlocutors such as the Syndicat Mixte du Célé ensure that preserve this rich yet delicate ecosystem. The respect of the river and the nature that surrounds it is essential to be able to continue to marvel every day at the beauty of the Célé Valley.