Randonnée sur le sentier de la brebis à Espédaillac
©Se promener en famille et observer la nature|Jérôme Morel - Les Editions de la Cévenne
Have funin our villages

One map one village

Alone or with the family, discover the villages of Grand-Figeac in a fun and playful way! With the help of a map and pictures, follow the circuit to find the mystery letters. This walk will take you to the must-see places in each commune. Enjoy the tour!

Discover differently

the villages

Grab your map and embark on a fun and original walk! Thanks to the “orienteering” map format, exploring the city in search of nooks and crannies becomes child’s play!

You’ll need the following items:

  • 1 Orienteering map with numbered locations (from 1 to 17). These correspond to the key points where the photographs on Plate 2 were taken.
  • 1 sheet of photos of noteworthy features taken in the commune (A;B;C…..)
  • 1 answer sheet

Aim of the game :

Go to the places marked on the map by numbers (plate 1) and match the letter to the corresponding photo (plate 2).
When you’ve finished, circle the remaining photo that doesn’t correspond to any of the places you visited on your trip.

Enjoy your trip!

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