Résidence Artistique En Milieu AgricoleRésidence Artistique En Milieu Agricole
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Artistic residencyin the heart of Grand-Figeac

An artist in Segala

This year, the agricultural cooperative Fermes de Figeac and the Maison des Arts Georges et Claude Pompidou present their unprecedented collaboration: an artistic residency in an agricultural setting. The artist Nicolas Tubéry, “visual sculptor of the world around him”, discovers the Grand-Figeac to transmit to us his vision of our Ségala Agricultural Limargue, bringing art outside the walls.

Living and


With great authenticity, Nicolas Tubéry explains the path of his work. Steeped in the agricultural atmosphere from an early age, with a father who raised sheep, he began with an electrical engineering education before turning to Fine Arts. It is thanks to this atypical contrast that his artistic creations were born. Quickly, he felt like capturing striking moments of the agricultural world, strong memories. In particular, he filmed the shearing of his father’s sheep (Deman La Tonda): “I wanted to immortalize these gestures, these atmospheres that made my childhood. I filmed my father, it was a very powerful experience. In each of his works, Nicolas has an eye for detail, “I want to represent the things that seem to slip through the fingers, to put on the canvas, to make a picture of feelings, of what happens.”

Meet and


Here we go for 3 months discontinued on the territory of Grand-Figeac! At first, Nicolas explored the region, met the inhabitants, the farmers, the associative fabric. He wanted to understand the strength of the place. “I am discovering the Lot, the place speaks to me, I feel good there. I like to discover a territory: each place has its culture, its language, everything changes. I like to go beyond representations and see the real “. With this first stage of observation, Nicolas Tubéry wanted to find and recover “the human scale to be able to eventually show precise details that are understandable to all“. Then came the expression, the creation to go towards a restitution that expresses his view on the agriculture of the Ségala Limargue.

Words by Nicolas Tubéry

Nicolas Tubéry is the artist author of numerous installations and films, which, each time, seems to find the detail that touches us, captures our attention, questions us, regardless of our history. “I like to evoke things without giving a clear direction.
Building bridges between people and environments” is what best sums up the artist’s thread and the foundations of the Figeac Farms and MAGCP project.

Restore with


I don’t have much, three cameras and a soldering station. ” With each creation, there is a film, a metal structure, a space to visit. To film, he relies on the agricultural structures, this is where the images are the most “real”, on the machines. To capture all points of view, he likes to have a camera in focus and a camera from afar. To edit the sound, a specialist comes to help him. “It is necessary that the visitor can make a real immersion in the work, the sound comes from several places, the structure must be airy, we must be able to circulate and see the film from each side “.


All his creations are authentic, Nicolas Tubéry delivers the first montage, the one that is the most instinctive. He suggests the agricultural world in his metallic creations, he tells a story in his films, even when the subject seems far from our lives, we immediately get attached to it. Nicolas will have convinced me, bringing art where we don’t expect it, it’s creating links between universes, surrecting surprising emotions, valuing the discreet, the common that makes the essential of all.